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How Does the Plan Affect the Home Lot I Want to Buy?

What Affects the Lot Selection to Build a Custom Home?

Several aspects of a proposed home lot can affect the viability of the custom home plan.

First, most cities have specific regulatory requirements. Those regulations will usually include set-back lines for the front yard, back and sides on a home lot. Some cities may also have what is known as “green space ratio”. This means that only a specific overall percentage of your lot may be covered by the actual building pad.

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Electric Wiring and Cable for a Future-Proof Custom Home

How Fast Can You Say “Technology”?

It’s likely that in the time that it takes to say it, something WITHIN the realm of technology has changed…or advanced even further. Our “Smart Phones” contain more computing ability than the computers in the Apollo spacecrafts that circled the moon for NASA.

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Wine Room Ideas for Your Custom Home

How Much Do You Like Your Wine?

Ideas About How to Take Better Care of Your Wine in Your Custom Home

Formal Wine Tastings and overall wine enjoyment has never been as important to a larger cross-section of America as it is today and unique wine room ideas and solutions are growing with that interest. The list of ideas, concepts and approaches to special interests and needs for a custom home owner is never ending…and that’s why this is too enjoyable to be looked at as a job!

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