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What Role Does a Realtor Play When Building a Custom Home

Building a Custom Home – What is The Role of The Realtor

Realtors are very important in the process of building a custom home. They are there to ensure that your best interests are represented. From choosing what lot to build on, to the size of the custom home, they can help you negotiate with home builders and contractors. We, at Larry Stewart Custom Homes in DFW, are quite easy to work with. Most clients find little need for outside real estate agents unless they are already working with one.

Having an outside real estate agent can also impact your budget. While real estate agents provide great knowledge about local markets, comparing houses and are experienced negotiators, you have to be aware of the fees you are paying for this service. Realtor fees should be considered in your budget, especially when you’re already paying contract and build fees. When realtor fees are paid in addition to construction fees, your could be paying as much as 17%.  Be aware of these fees with you’re trying to build your dream house.

Our Larry Stewart Custom Home team has licensed realtors on staff, and we offer these realtor services to our clients in most cases at discounted commission.  This means we are able to provide all the great skills of a realtor with without paying the standard buyer’s agent fee. When you’re on a strict budget, and trying to get the best bang for your buck, it’s advantageous to save money where you can.

We, at Larry Stewart Custom Homes in Dallas, have a multidisciplinary team of builders, realtors, contractors and designers. We are here to ensure that when building a custom home there is no stone left unturned. We can help during every step of the process, and won’t stop working until you are moved in and one hundred percent happy with your home’s exterior and interior design.

For more information on building a luxury custom home in Dallas, call Larry Stewart Custom Homes at 817-251-5832 to set up your private consultation. Building a Custom Home

Best Areas of DFW for Building Luxury Custom Homes

Building Luxury Custom Homes in DFW

The Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW area) has many luxurious neighborhoods for building luxury custom homes making it difficult to choose the best area for you and your family. The neighborhoods have different school districts, different investment potential, differences in urban versus rural lifestyles and the cost of the land. When discussing building luxury custom homes in DFW, realtors, investment bankers and custom home builders can help.

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Building a Custom Home – Your Primary Contact

Building a custom home can be one of the more stressful, yet rewarding parts of life for a couple.  One of the primary challenges in building a custom home is communication.  In this article, we share how the primary contact when building a custom home can make life much less stressful.

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How Luxury Custom Builders are Building Eco Friendly Homes

Eco Friendly Homes Built by Luxury Custom Builders

The sky is the limit with eco friendly homes in Texas.  Green building techniques focus on multiple areas and some are much more important that others here in Texas. In this article, we share a few of the green building techniques used by Larry Stewart Custom Homes in DFW.

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Products Selections for a Luxury Custom Home

Select the Best Materials for Your Luxury Custom Home

Importance of Material and Product Selections For Luxury Custom Homes

The timing for making material and product selections can vary to some extent, but not much. There should always be a time frame that is identified by the luxury home builders to make these selections. Some prospective homeowners wanting to build a new luxury custom home may not understand is the importance of being able to make those selections early in the process.

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