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Boathouse Designs with Function and Style

Boathouse Designs with Function and StyleWhen asked to picture the most peaceful place they can imagine, many people visualize drifting on the surface of a lake or flowing river, the sounds and rhythm of the water lulling them into relaxation. So it comes as no surprise that a boathouse is a luxury that tens of thousands of people want, whether it be to live in or simply to have a shelter for your boats.

Unfortunately one boathouse doesn’t fit all, so when looking to build a boathouse, you will want to put some serious thought into exactly what it is you are looking for. Here are 6 examples where you can clearly see the differences in style, size, and function: Read More

Create Interest With Outdoor Focal Points

outdoor living - focal pointsWhen you are planning your new home, one of the special features you may want to include is some type of outdoor focal point. These focal points are especially relevant to homeowners who enjoy entertaining friends and family outside. The two kinds of focal points you can choose to accent are either going to be naturally occurring or constructed. Read More