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Custom Closet Design for Your Lifestyle

Southlake Home Front Center Fountain - closet design

A luxury master suite is not complete without the perfect custom closet.

The closet is one room in a home that can either be a gift or a nightmare. Which side of the coin you end up with depends largely on organization. A closet which is bursting at the seams will be one to cause frustration, anger, and make you late for work in the mornings. On the other hand, an organized closet can bring you joy, make you feel good about what you wear, and help you to start your day off on the right foot. When it comes to improving your quality of life, it may all come down to smart closet designRead More

Bathtubs 101

When picking a bathtub for your bathroom you will find a variety of choices. Following are some of the types of bathtubs you may be considering. Each has its own set of features and may require a few alterations to your existing bathroom. When choosing a new bathtub keep in mind what kind of remodeling choices you want and are willing to make in the space. Read More