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Interior Design Tips for Art

Colleyville House Living Room - interior design tips

Besides paintings, art can also be functional, like this uniquely designed coffee table.

Art is a wonderful accent to any home. When talking about interior design, art may be the jumping off point for the entire design itself. This is where you may find inspiration for the color and feel of the room. When choosing the right piece, it is really a matter of personal preference. However, there are some tried and true interior design tips which will help you find the perfect piece. Read More

Interior Design Tips for Furniture Placement

Southlake Home Living RoomThe key to setting the tone for any living space is in the placement of your furniture and accessories. Think of your space as a blank canvas when you are working on the design of a room. It can prove to be a challenge at times but think of it as an opportunity.

There are several interior design tips that can help you create the kind of living space you are looking for. Whether it be for relaxing, chatting, eating, or just watching television, here are some basic rules you should follow for the arrangement of  furniture. Read More

Architectural Styles: Spanish Style Homes

spanish style homes in westlake txSpanish architecture in American custom homes encompasses a wide range of styles and decades of design. Spanish style homes can be very simple, using the Spanish Mission motif, or very ornate, with Monterey and Arizona Territorial designs. Pushing the architectural envelope, you can even have Spanish style homes in the Churrigueresque, or Spanish Baroque, variety. Because of its wide appeal and centuries of history, the style allows for many individual variations and flights of whimsy. Read More

Architectural Styles: Tuscan

Tuscan style luxury homeWhile Tuscan style homes may seem to be the same as general Italian style homes, Tuscany gave rise to the Estruscan people, who actually predated the Romans. The Estruscans were a proud agricultural people who were blessed to live in what we now call Tuscany. Later, the Romans arose, caring little for agriculture but a lot about living a lifestyle that stood out from the rest. A Tuscan home, therefore, is simple, direct, and sturdy, while an Italianate home displays exuberance for detail and intricacy. Here are more characteristics that go into creating a modern-day Tuscan home. Read More