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Beautiful Staircase Design Ideas

home staircaseWhen you walk into the entryway of a beautiful custom home, it is fairly common for the staircase to be one of the first things you notice. However, not all staircases are a thing of beauty. Is the base of staircase too close to the door? Is the overall design not made for functionality? If you want your staircase to be a conversation piece, you will want to become familiar with the latest staircase design ideas that are sure to make your guests’ jaws drop when they first walk into your home. Here are some beautiful staircase design ideas for your home. Read More

Bring the Outside In with Beautiful Patio Doors

Outdoor Living and patio doors

The indoor space in your home should feel cozy and inviting to create a personal oasis from the rest of the world. What if you could expand the square footage by blending the great outdoors with your living space? With the right design, you can increase your living space substantially with the aid of beautiful patio doors. Here are a few types that will help you bring the outside in. Read More

Old World Architectural Design

wood ceiling

Old World ceilings were typically ornate, and very high.

The term “old world” tends to refer to Europe, as opposed to America, which was called “the New World.” In the 19th Century (the 1800s), architectural design saw a rival in America. People traveling to European countries, such as Rome, Italy, Spain, and England, were quite taken with the countryside homes that were sometimes described as picturesque. Realistically, though, American architecture and home decor was truly a mish-mash of themes from the late Renaissance era.

Regardless, many American homes built during the 1800s mirrored the tastes and styles popular–by chance or design–in Europe. During the height of the lumber industry, grand homes were built and adorned with intricate ornamentation designed to mimic those seen in Europe. Dormer windows and the over-hangs of roofs were elaborated with wood carvings meant to add cottage charm to what were essentially mansions. This era was known as the Gothic Revival. Later, during the High Victorian Age, homes became more castle-like. Read More

European Features For Your Home

courtyard FountainWhere home decor is concerned, you usually envisions the 19th Century if you are considering features that are distinctly European. Reminiscent of the French Renaissance era, the Victorian Age decor emphasized simple, stately elegance. However, despite the queen of England’s preferences, European tastes of the time ranged from the banal to the baroque–and so ornamental they would border on being too gaudy. Today, however, these styles can be incorporated into certain aspects of a custom home, effectively creating an ambience which mirrors the height of old world decor and design. Read More