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The Health Benefits of Gardens

Tuscan style luxury home gardensNot only are gardens beautiful; they offer surprising health benefits as well. Regardless of the type of garden you plant, whether a flower, herb or vegetable garden, you will end up with the same positive results. We’ve come up with a list of ways that you can benefit from a garden, even in the smallest of spaces Read More

Elegant Designs for your Dining Room

What makes a dining room design elegant? Is it merely having a roaring fireplace, crown moulding, and chandeliers in a room? Do table and chair types, a neutral color palette, or all sorts of textures spice up the ‘wow factor’ of your dining room? Yes, a dining room could be made elegant by any of these elements. However, it’s a special design that pulls all of those elements together, successfully marrying them while showcasing instances of contrast.

Let’s look at four examples of elegant dining room designs that may be best for you. Read More

Theater Room Seating Design Ideas

theater roomWhether you are considering building a new home or have decided to renovate or add on to an existing home, you have likely considered adding a home theater. These rooms, when properly arranged, add elegance and value to your home. However, unlike the “man cave”, creating your own theater room requires a bit of planning for the best effect.

Luckily, a home theater isn’t bound by the normal rules of a designated room. In fact, when it is a premium space, your theater room may also be a multipurpose room. Design being the keyword, one of the most important choices you will make is in regards to seating. This guide will explore several options in theater room seating to help you create the perfect home theater. Read More

Interior Design Tips for Great Rooms

Colleyville interior design tipsInterior decorating is a science and an art form. It’s all about creating a mood that complements your ideas of comfort, your tastes, and how you think things should be. The time you spend in your home is worthy of your soul, your flair, and your identity, so surround yourself with beauty. This is especially true in a room where you spend the most of your time: the Great Room. Read More