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master bathroom

Elements of a Luxurious Master Bathroom

Your bathroom is arguably the most important and useful room in your house–even more than your kitchen! Like most homeowners, you want your master bathroom to go a step beyond and become a private retreat – a place to get away, relax, and pamper yourself. More than the five star hotel-grade towels and pampering hand soaps, your bathroom needs certain design elements that add comfort, utility, and luxury that will make it an inviting and welcoming space at the end of a long day. When you are building your custom luxury home, the master bathroom is not the place to skimp on design elements. Here are some ideas that will help you turn a basic bathroom into a spa-like experience you will look forward to. Read More

Practice your Swing with a Home Golf Simulator

Many people enjoy playing golf. The idea of spending a day outside in the fresh air playing a few rounds sounds both refreshing and relaxing. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the time to get to the course as often as they’d like. If you want to play golf but can’t find the time, you can play at home with a personal golf simulator. Most avid golfers have tried these simulators in their local pro shop, but having one in your home is even better. There are several benefits to installing a home golf simulator in your home. Read More

Home Office Essentials

executive home officeYour home office can be a great space, whether you work from home regularly or occasionally have to bring home a few things from the office. It can also be the perfect space to handle and organize all the paperwork that comes along with having a home and a family. Whatever your home office is needed for, you’ll want a space that is designed to allow you to relax and be productive. Read More

The Smoking Room

smoking roomSmoking is an activity that’s been around for several hundred years. Not everyone agrees with it, and health laws have been passed banning this indulgence from public places that once welcomed smokers. This has been a significantly crushing blow to the smoking elite, particularly for cigar aficionados.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, though, as do fashions. Today, a once fashionable part of history is en vogue again: the smoking room. In the 1850s during the Crimean War, Turkish tobacco was all the rage in Europe among the wealthy. Many country homes and mansions included a smoking room. These were large rooms designed to give the master of the home, as well as his gentleman guests, a place to gather and indulge without upsetting the rest of the household. Gentlemen would often don velvet gloves and coats (a smoking jacket) to protect themselves from odors. Likewise, curtains and drapes were often made from heavy velvet. Read More