Monthly Archives: November 2015

Holiday Entertaining Ideas

The holiday season is all about gathering with friends and family. From cookie parties to toasting the end of the year, there are endless options for entertaining in your home. The trick is to make it all look effortless. We’ve gathered some tips and ideas to help you do just that with your holiday parties this year. Read More

Unexpected Color Combinations

After the home of your dreams has been built or your remodel is finished, it’s time to make the space your own. While contractors make sure that everything from the molding to the fixtures are perfect, it’s up to you to choose the colors that will bring the house to life. While gray is the color of the moment for many modern homes, don’t be afraid to go bold. Pick color combinations that are unexpected and make you smile.  Read More

Living Room design ideas

Design Ideas: Perfect Placement for Art

Art is what turns your house into a home. All shapes and sizes can add color and personality to the space. It’s always fun to walk into someone’s home and see what they have chosen as the focal feature or point of interest. From creating an arrangement over the fireplace to hanging a work of art from the ceiling, here are all the design ideas and tools you need to properly feature your works of art. Read More