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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home in DFW?

Does It Take a Long Time To Build a Custom Home in DFW?

That’s the second most-asked question we receive from prospective clients and we know it’s an important one. Homeowners that are planning to build a luxury custom home must understand the time frame required to complete the home. Their family and activities will be affected during this time and they must consider all their options.
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What Does the Price per Square Foot Include in a Luxury Custom Home in DFW?

When you look at designs and pages of custom homes and you’re trying to pick the one that’s right for you, you’ll come across the price per square foot often.  But what does that really mean?  What does it include?  Let’s take a deeper look at the price per square foot in a luxury custom home in DFW.

The Price per Square Foot is the golden calculation everyone searches for when looking into building a new home. Luxury custom home builders will usually calculate the overall cost of the build before determining the price per square foot. It’s a simple calculation.

They’ll simply divide the total price by the number of feet to give you an accurate figure.
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5 Reasons You Should Build A Custom Home in DFW

6 Reasons You Should Build A Custom Home in DFW

Custom Home Building in Dallas/Fort Worth is on the Rise!

1.The real estate market is stronger than ever

The Dallas Fort Worth real estate market is cyclical just like any other market.  Recent activity clearly suggests that the market has clearly bottomed out and has now begun a solid recovery…but not overheated!

However, with national track home builders are coming back to the market and scooping up large parcels of land. That means finding a pad site for a custom home is only going to get more difficult.

More fortune 500 companies like FedEx, Toyota and Liberty Mutual are moving to Dallas and there simply won’t be terrific inventory to choose from.
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