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New American Style Homes

What Makes New-American Style Homes Unique?

In this day and age, there are a ton of home styles. There are Victorians, Ranch Homes,Neoclassical Homes, European Homes, Colonial Homes, Contemporary-Modern Homes, and more. All of these different home styles are unique and different, but not as unique as the New American Style Homes.

The Beauty Of New American Style Homes

This home style has its own unique beauty. The trim almost always matches the landscaping or roof, small shrubs around the household, and roof with complex pitches and angles that match the dynamic of the home. These homes are often seen in the suburbs owned by middle-high class Americans. Don’t forget, there is always a dominant garage for the hardworking man, or recreational use for the retired family. When you see an American style home, you think “American Dream”. These are most definitely one of the classiest, most unique styles there is today.

The Difference of American Homes

There are many differences between the New American style homes. Ranch homes are long and have only one story while New American homes have two stories and are usually the form of a rectangle. Contemporary homes are also one story , but more in the shape of a rectangle than a long ranch home. Mediterranean homes have a small pitch on the roof, while new American homes have a decent pitch roof in different areas of the home. Prairie homes are square and really highlight the front door with pillars large pillars, while new American style homes have the front door offset to the home. Craftsman homes have a huge garage and also multiple pitches, but they do not use the same types of exterior material like new American style homes do. Victorians are mostly windows while new American style homes have a moderate amount of window space. As you can see, we could go on forever about the differences in different homes and the new American style homes, but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

The Power of Earthy colors

These homes are nature inspired and usually use different shades of brown and green as the primary and secondary color of the home. Often times, a sub-secondary color comes into play. These colors are designed to clash with the amazing landscaping and stone exterior walls of the home. The shingles are black or light brown to also compliment the earthy colors a new American style home.

Front Porches of New American Style Homes

Almost all of these homes come equipped with a beautiful front porch. Most of them are full width, while others are partial. A rocking chair and an American flag can usually be found on these porches. To complete the porch, Tapered columns erect from the bottom all of the way up. These can be made of wood, stone, or plaster. Above these columns, you can also see exposed rafter tails. This is a very popular style in the 21st century for most homes. Below are usually dark-stained two by four plank that also gives away that earthy look. Sometimes there is a thick layer of clear coat finish that radiates the natural light making the area much brighter than ever before. This is also good to have if the owner has active children because the risk of splinters are depleted. Beautiful railings surround these porches mostly made of oak or mahogany, sometimes stone as well.

Outstanding Landscaping

Green lawns and dark mulch surround the surface of new American style homes turf. There are most commonly half-circle designs where the mulch and the grass meet. Bricks or a thin strip of black liner separates the grass and the mulch as well. Inside of the mulch are mostly small plants up front, some medium plants past the smaller plants, and also a small amount of large shrubs scattered closer to the new American style home.

Who is A New American Home Style For?

New American style homes are for a few different type of people. These homes are great for families, because of the massive amount of space , large yard, garage for dad, and entertainment space for mom. Gourmet kitchen areas are also made for an elegant dining experience if you are the social type to bring over a friend or two for treats. The master bedrooms are made for the couple who want to stretch out and breath in their own privacy after a long day at work. Multiple bathrooms are ideal for kids and company so that everyone can have a turn. Spacious showers make bathing a dream on it’s own.

Use of Unique Materials

Most New American style homes come with a few key elements that make them what they are today. Asymmetrical bricks on pillars or large portions of the house is a must. These colors clash with the primary colors of the home itself and really give the home a natural look. Bricks are also used to cover up small spaces of the exterior. Stucco is another main factor of the exterior design giving it that tough rugged look. Shutters and half paned front doors conquer the outside as well. The inside is cozy with massive drapes, vibrant colors, large furniture, perfect lighting, a gourmet kitchen, and even a fireplace. Not to mention marble countertops that accent the stainless steel accessories are a must-have. Steel and marble go together like peanut butter and jelly in these homes.

Where Else Are New American Style Homes?

I bet you couldn’t imagine that other countries think our design is outstanding as well! New American style homes are also located in the UK. They are a little bit different than the ones we see in America. UK American homes are smaller, they also have a smaller garage, and they don’t use as much stone and brick for the exterior of the house as us Americans do, if you ask me, it’s like eating an ice cream sandwich without the ice cream. Where’s the filling? Where is the soul behind it?!

American style homes are also located in India. They do inquire the exterior features like bricks and stones, high pillars, and complex roofs. India, like UK, does not use big garages. You can find new American style homes almost all around the world, England, Australia, Kerala, Melbourne and so on. But, just like chinese food in America or McDonald’s in Japan, they just aren’t as good as they are outside of its homeland! New American homes are perfect how they are here, and we love the design and natural beauty that makes them ours. American made, and American owned!

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Prairie Style Homes

Discover the Charming Origin and Features of Prairie Style Homes

The Prairie house was innovated in the early years of the 20th century. An architect named Frank Lloyd Wright is responsible for bringing this style to the masses. He grew up in the Midwest. Therefore, he expressed the flat, flowing landscape of his home in the Prairie architectural style. As a result, this style features wide, sweeping horizontal lines. The Prairie style of architecture is simple and focuses on comfort. Beautiful and full of utility, it is unique from all other past styles of home building. Houses that have been built in the Prairie style have roofs that are broad, sloping and sheltering. In addition to that, the chimneys are low. Prairie houses also have terraces and balconies that are laid out in all directions. This creates protected spaces in the outdoors for people to relax on. Generally, the Prairie home design features horizontal and vertical planes that rhyme with each other seamlessly.

The key elements of Prairie style homes

This style of architecture has some unique characteristics. Firstly, the houses have between 1 and 2 stories. They have a floor plan that is open with spaces that flow freely. As a result, the outdoor and indoor spaces mesh together. Prairie houses have wings that are cantilevered which project outwards. Moreover, houses that are built in this style are normally integrated with the environment and general landscape.

One of the most important visual and functional elements of a house is the roof. Prairie houses have roofs which have a low pitch and that are hipped. Sometimes they can be flat too. The eaves of the house are overhanging and have broad proportions. In addition to that, the horizontal lines of Prairie houses are very strong. The windows can be described as clerestory and are arranged in horizontal ribbons or casements. The chimneys of Prairie style homes are centrally located and feature prominently on the house.

The materials used in Prairie style houses

The Prairie style of architecture extends into the interior of the house. Here you can find cabinetry that is highly stylized and is built in. To keep within the natural Prairie theme, the cabinetry is made of wood. There is extensive use of natural materials in the house. Examples of these are wood and stone. The siding materials are normally brick, stone or stucco. To decorate the house, you can find friezes installed around the doors and windows. Moreover, you can find bands located under the eaves.

The color palette used in Prairie houses

The Prairie style of architecture is inspired by nature. Therefore, the colors that are used to decorate such houses are inspired by the those of trees and flowers in the Midwestern prairies. In nature, these colors change with the seasons. As a result, there is variety in the color palette of a Prairie style house.

The floor, walls and trimming of the house are decorated using earth colors. These include gray, brown and wheat brown color. They mimic the natural appearance of the Prairie fields. Also, you can find some red, orange, green and rust colors in these houses too. These ones are brighter and more vivid. Therefore they are more likely to be found in decorative items such as paintings and rugs. These bright colors are also found on the furniture and draping as well. Wood is a major construction material for Prairie style houses. It is often presented in medium and dark brown colors. To maintain a natural look in the house, tiles are used to construct it too. You can find them in colors such as deep rust and terra cotta. The colors mentioned above form the foundation color palette in Prairie houses.

The walls and ceilings of Prairie style homes give decorators a chance to experiment with brighter colors. Normally, they are decorated with wood trim. This feature is given a dark color so that the brighter colors on the walls and ceilings can pop out more. Colors such as golden brown, ivory, sand brown, cream, light green and ochre are used on these parts of the house. Today, people add glaze to these colors so as to add depth to the walls and ceilings. In addition to that, some use suede colors to give these features some texture. Despite being delicate, suede paints make the walls look soft and supple in Prairie style houses.

With such a huge variety available to you, how many colors can you use at the same time in a Prairie style house? The wood trim divides the walls and ceilings into sections. Therefore, you get the opportunity to use as many colors as you want throughout the house as long as they are within the accepted color palette. Some owners of Prairie style homes are known to apply up to six different colors in a single room. Some of these are stark contrasts of each other while others are simply different shades of similar colors in the room. When decorating a Prairie style house, always remember to use darker colors for the lower levels of the room and lighter ones for the upper levels.

Stencils on the walls

To maintain the design tradition of Prairie style homes, there are some stencils that one can paste into the space between the upper part of the windows and the ceiling. Available in many designs, stencils cover an area of between 2 and 3 feet to decorate the house. Ensure that you pick some that have colors which complement those in the rest of your house. Also, keep them moderate.

Some examples of Prairie style houses

A good example of a Prairie style house is the Dr. Clarke House. It is located in Fairfield, Iowa and was designed by Francis Barry Byne. This house was constructed between 1915 and 1916. Another one is the Frederick C. Robie House. It was built in 1909. In addition to those, the Mrs. Thomas Gale House in Oak Park, Illinois is another excellent example of a Prairie style house.

Frank Wright created a style of house construction that has lived on for more than a hundred years. He transitioned from the Victorian houses into Prairie houses by opening up the rooms and inviting the outdoor atmosphere into the house. Mr. Wright purposed to design houses that looked like a part of the landscape that they sat on. Prairie houses are spacious, elegant and open planned in a tasteful way.

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Unique Features of Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes

Mediterranean-modern style homes, commonly referred to as Neo-Mediterranean style houses represent a shift towards simplicity in the house designing while still maintaining the lavish and classy look of the predecessors. These modern styles homes originated from Spanish and Italian influences. These houses have a close resemblance to a ranch house with some of its features borrowed from the traditional Mediterranean styles.
Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes are generally designed for individuals living in the subtropics to keep life not only cool but also casual. These houses are very popular in several states including Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California not mentioning the desert Southwest among other Sunbelt states where they have proved appealing to a number of homeowners.
Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes usually come in a wide variety of styles. These include Moroccan, Tuscan, Southwestern, Italian villa and Spanish.

Key Elements of Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes

Mediterranean modern style homes design provides a sort of resort style living. This is as a result of its modern features including the open floor pans, large glass expanses which are mostly oriented towards the outdoor living area among other features.
Also these houses have special grand estate designs featuring soaring ceilings, balconies in the interior, casitas, special to use rooms among others. Therefore, if you are on the search for coastal or palm beach lifestyle, then the Mediterranean modern style homes are the best for you.
The key elements that make Mediterranean- Modern Style Homes stand out as unique from other styles can be broken down as follows:


The color choice for Mediterranean modern style Homes are nowadays uniform, with much emphasis on the bright colors. Hence whiter and sleeker hoses giving that elegant tropical look.


Mediterranean modern style homes have embraced a wide usage of tiles in their make. In this case, hand-painted elegant tiles are used as a form of decoration. This therefore implies minimum usage of the mosaic tiles in the interior parts of the house including the kitchen floors, mirror frames, table top and stair case.


The textures for Mediterranean-Modern Homes are generally warm and cozy, providing that coastal atmosphere. The warm colors (including peach, salmon or yellow) as well as the materials portray some comfort and warmth as you relax in the sun busking or swimming in the pool with the colorful tiles.
Also, water is important in the design of these homes and its feel is usually captured in courtyard fountains in Europe and ceramic wall fountain in North America


The materials (in terms of furniture) and accessories possessed by these homes make them stand out while at the same out reflecting the casual lifestyle of the homeowners. These include the wrought iron, terracotta tiles, stucco walls, glass expanses in the balcony, wooden beams for the ceiling and the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.
Also, ornamental iron work is incorporated as a form of decoration to the Mediterranean-modern style homes. This includes the wrought irons that are finely crafted and used to decorate the gates, windows, doors, lanterns and stair rails.

Features of Mediterranean –modern style homes

These homes are characterized by both interior and exterior design features.

Interior design features

  1. A partitioned interior with bedrooms, a living room and bonus rooms, well ventilated to allow for good air circulation
    Wicker furniture and a huge fireplace with modernized armchairs in the living room
  2. A cozy rustic interior. The houses’ interiors are made with a terracotta tiled floor which not only enhance the beauty of the house but also serve to keep it cool.
  3. These houses also have modernized spacious kitchens equipped with modern stainless steel appliances.
  4. The ceiling beams are wooden, adding a warm and rustic appeal to the interior. In addition, this wooden beam is also fitted on the mantel of the fireplace, enhancing its beauty further.
  5. Spiral and elegant staircases connecting the rooms upstairs with those on the ground floor. These staircases have their rises made with Catalina style tiles finished with matte and glossy finishes hence a superb depth to their pattern.

Exterior design features

  1. A natural exterior made of stone, adding more comfort to the home. In addition, this feature greatly contributes to keeping the home cool during the hot weather.
  2. Roofs clad with red clay tiles and sloping over the walls, providing shade to anyone outside while at the same time keeping the interior cool.
  3. The doors are made with an elegant combination of both wood and and iron bringing out much beauty.
  4. Large and modern windows and doors fitted in all rooms to provide fresh air into the house.
  5. The exterior also comprises of a tiled courtyard furnished with a set of elegant furniture under the roof shade, making this indeed an attractive and tempting place to spend maximum time.
  6. Stucco some instances, the walls are painted with warm toned layers. In addition, stucco, besides being on the exterior walls are also found in the kitchen hoods and fireplaces in these modern Mediterranean style homes.
  7. The entry to these Mediterranean modern style homes comprise of the terracotta tiles, further enhancing their magnificence.

What differentiates Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes from others?

In the modern Mediterranean homes, the decorative elements incorporating art and craft such as the hand printed tiles and wooden carvings have been made in a more rationalized manner. This therefore gives Mediterranean-Modern Style homes a more modern look compared to the traditional plans, making these homes stand out as the best compared to other homes.
In addition to this, resort style kind of living is also provided for by these homes with open floor pans and large expanses of glass, suitable for outdoor living.

Several luxurious houses that have featured Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes include:

  1. Valencia 1180
  2. Doni Flanigan Mediterranean Interior
  3. Mediterranean Dream
  4. Palmieri Residence
  5. Racca Mediterranean Residence, Austin

In conclusion therefore, it is evident that Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes are not only a unique housing style but also outstanding in features. They are also luxurious at the same time, providing you with all the comfort you need for your vacations, spending time with friends and loved ones.

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