Love where you live? So do we. Many of our clients love everything about their existing neighborhood, the shape of their lot, and the house that’s become their family’s home. However, a home with dated decor and in need of constant repair can be worrisome.  The Stewart family can help with your home renovation, returning your home to the stylish luxury you love with modern energy efficiency.

Each remodeling job has a unique degree of difficulty.  Whether you’re considering new replacement windows or a complex structural change, choosing a home remodeling contractor is by far the most critical decision of all.  We have been remodeling homes for over 30 years.  Our expertise brings together the interior design, energy efficiency, and structural integrity your home.

When preparing an add-on project, the Stewarts always consider the consistency between the add-on unit and the existing home and neighborhood. The addition should blend in with the existing home, creating the appearance that it was part of the original construction.  The Stewarts also work closely with homeowners associations to ensure that new projects are supported by neighborhood bylaws.

Remodeling Custom Homes in DFW

Larry Stewart Custom Homes can help you visualize the home of your dreams. The consultation is free, we would love to meet with you. Feel free to request a consultation or give us a call at 817-251-5832.