13 Key Considerations For Picking Southlake Custom Home Builders

Owning a home is a dream a vast number of people in the world share and there is nothing as relieving as finally saying goodbye to your landlord or landlady. This is something that you can achieve if you put your mind to it. The options that you have when it comes to owning the home is to buy or to build. Buying seems to be a standard option for most people because it has the advantage of time. This is considering that you won’t have to wait throughout the building process to enjoy your home as it is the case when you choose to build.

If you have been dreaming of putting together a custom home, then a custom home builder might be all you need. You will be surprised by just how helpful and effective the builder can be in turning your dreams into reality. Once deciding to build, you will find it most beneficial to hire the services of a custom home builder Southlake. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a Southlake luxury home builder.

  1. 1. Ensure that Southlake custom homes builder is properly licensed and certified. Anyone can purchase advertising space on a phone book or set up a website and this doesn’t mean that the individuals behind them are accredited or legal business owners. Every state has differing laws regarding the types of qualifications and certifications a home builder can have, and almost all states have certain licensing requirements that contractors must meet. Check with the appropriate licensing agency in your state to ensure that a particular builder is licensed these licensing companies in Texas includes TDI.Texas.GOV, Texas state board of public Accountancy (TSBPA) and


  1. 2. Look for membership in an industry-governing watchdog group. Quality, professional will most likely be a member of one, if not several building associations for the simple reason that there are national, regional and local codes that they must adhere to. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is one such organization and one of, if not the, most well-known in the country. Such associations are industry governing bodies which develop and set best-practice standards for the industry as a whole. Membership is voluntary but can only be obtained and maintained when the company agrees to adhere to these standards of practice. The standards cover a variety of aspects. They include how to construct a quality product, how to relate to customers, how to carry out financial transactions and more. Choose a luxury home builders Southlake who is a member in good standing with the NAHB or another, similar group. This provides you an assurance that the industry has already verified the contractor you’ve chosen.


  1. 3. Ask your friends for recommendations. You probably know someone else who has already built or purchased a new home. Ask around; find out which contractors your friends or family may have worked with and what they thought of them. Word of mouth and personal experience are often the most reliable way to choose a competent new home builder.


  1. 4. Check out a company’s previous projects. Ask a contractor what projects they have already completed. Drive by one or more. Better yet, visit one and get a tour if possible. Seeing someone’s work in real life, in person is the only way to get a true feel for what he or she is capable of doing.


  1. 5. Ask for references. Find out if a particular contractor can provide you with names and numbers of previous clients. An experienced luxury home builders Southlake will easily be able to provide you at least three past clients who can vouch for their workmanship. Then, take the time to contact them and ask questions.
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  1. 6. Make sure a contractor is properly insured. Once you’ve narrowed your list down, make sure that the contractor or contractors that you have selected are properly insured. Find out how much the company offers regarding liability insurance and what this entails.


  1. 7. Get everything in writing. It’s okay to ask for a written contract. A Custom home builder that is reluctant to provide a written estimate or a contract probably may end up adding more to the original cost than you can afford. Few things are more disheartening than when you construct your dream house based on a verbal contract only to have things go awry. Construction stops, and you may be left with a partially finished home and bills you’re still responsible for paying. Getting everything in writing protects you both legally and financially.


  1. 8. Capability to create luxurious amenities. Luxury custom homes builders Southlake should offer basic amenities included in luxury home designs or custom home design, which you would not find in most other houses. Always choose to hire a contractor, who has years of experience in installing indoor pools, if you would like to a get a swimming pool installed in your house. They should be capable enough to work with your home designs or with an architect.


  1. 9. The home builder has the experience and knowledge surrounding home construction. He, therefore, knows high-quality materials for a valuable construction. Through this knowledge, you can rely on advice that you get from the builder depending on what your expectations are. He will be in a position to lay down all your options so you can make an informed decision that still fetches you valuable results


  1. 10. When using the builder, you will have full control of the features that you want your house to have including the design. You are working on a personal project, and your builder will be in a position to get you exactly what you are looking for. Even when offering his professional advice, he will still have to stick to your choices in the end.


  1. 11. A good custom home builder will offer you a variety of services. They include hunting for building space in your preferred area, selecting the right architect services as well as offering you financing if you are lucky. This means that apart from enjoying a home that is built to match your preferences, you might not have to worry about extra expenses such as those of hiring an architect or looking for a financier. This is considering that financial institutions are not always comfortable offering loans to build custom homes.


  1. 12. The builder pays attention to detail and will, therefore, fetch you the functional home you have always dreamt of. The builders are never in a rush to finish the project as it is usually the case with constructions. They take their time with the project to ensure that in the end, you are a happy and satisfied customer


  1. 13.  You can work out project payment plans with your custom home builder. This is considering that hiring the builders can be expensive, but then they are open to plans that will be fair enough for both parties. Worrying about money and payments will be the least of your worries.

Curious About Building a Luxury Custom Home in Southlake, Texas?

Larry Stewart Custom Homes knows the Metroplex intimately and has more than 30 years of experience building luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth. Give us a call at (817) 402-2154 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or help you build the home of your dreams.

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5 Best Neighborhoods in DFW to Build a Luxury Custom Home 2016

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, which is the biggest inland metropolitan area in the US, is one of the most loved places for home-buyers in Texas. The residents of this area fondly refer to it as The Metroplex or DFW. DFW has always been the cultural and economic hub of North Central Texas or North Texas. People love building their custom homes in this part of the country. The section below will introduce you to the top DFW neighborhoods to build a custom home.

1. Southlake

The two factors that are primarily responsible for making South-lake one of the best neighborhoods for the wealthy home-buyers are the region’s country estate spirit and the fact that it’s located close to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The other pluses of the region that have made it a favorite spot for transplants relocating to North Central Texas are the restaurant and shopping destination of the region.

The history of South-lake area dates back to the 1840s; however, the region was not a part of the South-lake till 1956. Prior to the incorporation, the South-lake we now know was made up by settlements of Dove, Whites Chapel, Jellico, and Union Church. However, during its initial days, it was just a rural territory of Texas. Things started changing with the inauguration of the DFW International Airport during the 1970s. Since then, South-lake has been one of the most popular home-buying destinations in the country.

2. University Park

University Park is home to the Southern Methodist University and is located just a few miles away from downtown Dallas; these are the main factors behind its popularity among customer home builders and buyers. This neighborhood is also home to a first-rate school district.

During its initial years, the neighborhood of University Park was just a bunch of homes constructed surrounding the hatchling Southern Methodist University. When the university was set up in 1915, the region was a rural territory. Such was the situation that the university used to supply utility service to the surrounding homes. This continued till 1924; the university had to stop supplying utilities as the region’s population was growing rapidly and the school’s utilities were no more enough to meet the residents’ needs.

3. Highland Park

Highland Park is one of the first suburbs of Dallas and is rated among the wealthiest neighborhood of the state of Texas. It was set up during the early years of the 1900s. In 1913, the local officials of the suburb submitted an application requesting the authority to make it a part of the main city of Dallas. However, the application was rejected as one of the suburb’s larger neighbors refused to accept the merging.

Many residents of the region describe the experience of living in Highland Park as living with a caring concierge. To get access to the community pools for a season, one would need to pay $60. The town is also home to eight tennis courts; for getting access to one of the tennis courts, you’ll need to pay $40. It’s always recommended to reserve your spot in the court or pool by making a call in advance; however neither the courts nor the pools ever remain crowded. The town also has a luxuriously appointed library boasting a great collection of books; the gorgeous fireplace and dark wood bookshelves are two other fascinating attributes of the library.

Highland Park has not changed much in the past decades and the residents seem to love this quality of the region. The fact is that in spite of being planned and designed more than a century back, the town fits in aptly with the modern-day urban planning trends. Highland Park is self-contained, scores impressively when it comes to walk-ability, and borders some of the liveliest neighborhoods of Dallas including downtown Dallas, SMU, Oak Lawn, and Knox-Henderson.

4. Bent Tree

Development of this suburb began during the 1960s; since then, the development works have taken place at a steady pace. However, the past decade has seen the area undergo a renaissance, which has made it a popular choice among home-buyers.
Bent Tree is located in the Far North territory of Dallas and is known for being a quiet and family-focused region. Its location has ensured that people living in this part of DFW have easy access to the vibrant urban core of the city as well as a number of lively neighboring suburbs, which includes Richardson, Addison, Plano, and Carrollton. The life of the local community of the region is centered primarily on the Bent Tree Country Club.

Bent Tree is extremely picturesque. The region has a lush landscaping adorned with numerous mature trees and a series of beautiful features like a creek running through its westernmost part. You should plan to live here if you love peace, serenity, and nature.

5. Preston Hollow

This part of the DFW houses some of the most expensive homes of the state. Preston Hollow started its journey during the 1920s as a separate town in the northern farmlands of Dallas.

The academic scene of the place is truly impressive. The suburb, which is a part of the Dallas Independent School District, is home to schools like the Hillcrest High School, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, and Preston Hollow Elementary School. There are also a number of well-known public schools situated in and around the suburb. These include Hockaday School, Ursuline Academy, St. Mark’s School, Episcopal School, Jesuit College, etc.

Another fact that makes the region popular among affluent home-buyers is that Preston Hollow has a number of famous residents. The biggest name among them is probably of George W. Bush, the Former President of the US. He lives in this suburb along with his wife Laura Bush, the former First Lady. Mark Cuban, the owner of the professional basketball team Dallas Mavericks, owns a plush mansion (the mansion covers an area of 24,000 sq. ft.) in Preston Hollow. Oil and gas tycoon T. Boone Pickens also lives in this part of DFW.

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Curious About Building a Luxury Custom Home in Dallas Fort Worth?

Larry Stewart Custom Homes knows the Metroplex intimately and has more than 30 years of experience building luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth. Give us a call at (817) 251-5832 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or help you build the home of your dreams.







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8 Exquisite Fort Worth Neighborhoods To Build a Custom Home 2016

Fort Worth, Texas is among the best places in the United States to build a home, and was named the best region for real estate development countrywide by Forbes Magazine in 2014. There are several reasons for this. First of all, a large working population keeps the demand for rentals high, providing investors with a consistent rental income and up to 15% return on funds invested. Secondly, corporate relocations by companies seeking to take advantage of favorable tax rates, a highly educated workforce and a strong job market means that demand for housing continues to grow. Finally, affordable land and a lower cost of living make it easier for both investors and potential homeowners to put up structures at a much cheaper cost than in other parts of the country. Whether you are looking to put up a private residence or are an investor interested in building properties for sale or rental, Fort Worth Texas is the place for you. Below are ten of the best neighborhoods in Fort Worth to build a luxury custom home in 2016 and maximize the returns you receive from the investment you put in.

1. River Crest

River Crest is located about three miles from Fort Worth CBD and has been in existence since 1911, when the River Crest Country Club House was built. The neighborhood is built around this club house and the River Crest Golf Course and is situated in a quiet tree lined area with Mediterranean, Tudor and Prairie style homes. Many of the homes in the area are two storied with basements. There are many structures which are over 50 years old in this neighborhood but recent developments have seen these torn down or remodeled to include more contemporary styles and elements of design. The neighborhood is close to several schools, public services, a public park and shopping areas.

2. Colonial Hills

This neighborhood can be found about four miles to the south west of Fort Worth CBD. Homes here feature Tudor; Colonial and Spanish design elements, with a few Ranch Style homes in selected parts of the neighborhood. Most homes are built with stucco or brick, are two storied and have an inbuilt basement. Sweeping views of the Fort Worth River Valley make this a popular neighborhood to settle in and homeowners or investors can expect to have access to several schools, a fire station, medical facilities and a shopping mall.

3. Mira Vista

This premier neighborhood which features a gated community, golf course, exclusive shopping areas, restaurants, entertainment venues and other luxurious amenities is located in Tarrant County, Fort Worth. Nature trails, bluff lots with lake views, a country club with golf and swimming, private schools and high design standards make this neighborhood ideal for those looking to build luxury homes. Mira Vista, which is set in 700 acres of scenic ranch land, translates into see the view’. The exacting demand standards mean that you will need the services of a custom luxury home builder such as Larry Stewart Custom Homes. Mira Vista is located 7 miles southwest of Fort Worth CBD.

4. Tanglewood

Tanglewood is a relaxed, exclusive neighborhood located to the southwest of Fort Worth CBD and renowned for its ranch style homes, winding streets, bicycle/walking path and the Tanglewood elementary school which is the highest ranking elementary school in Fort Worth. Originally used for dairy farming and as ranch land, the area is now made up of one and two storey houses with a city park next to the Trinity River and lots of tall, stately trees that set this neighborhood apart from the rest. Located North of Bellaire Drive, Tanglewood is an upscale neighborhood perfect for building your luxury home or investment property.

5. Westover Hills

One of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Westover Hills is situated in a hilly, tree shaded area with large lots featuring large, multi-storied and custom built homes. Architectural styles vary depending on the client as well as the designer responsible for building, with Mediterranean and Tudor styles being prevalent in the older sections of the neighborhood. Large lots, tree lined streets as well as its status as an incorporated city with a police department, town hall and city council make this one of the more popular neighborhoods to build a luxury home in. Westover Hills is located just 4.5 miles west of the Fort Worth CBD, making it easy for residents to access shopping, entertainment and dining facilities easily and quickly.

6. Overton Woods and Overton Park

These neighborhoods are located along the Trinity River about five miles from downtown Fort Worth. They are named after the son of the original land owner and was originally a large cattle farm and ranch. The neighborhoods made up of old homes built between the late 50s and 60s but recent developments are seeing more and more people building new ones or refurbishing old ones using custom luxury home builders.

7. TCU Area

The TCU Area is named after the neighboring Texas Christian University, which was the original land owner when the estate was being constructed. It includes both Frisco and Prospect heights. Frisco is an active community featuring sports such as soccer and golf. It has a major shopping area with supermarkets, retail stores, entertainment venues and even an arts discovery centre. TCU has been renovating its facilities over the last few years, which means that property owners and investors are assured of a constant flow of renters. People looking to build luxury homes are not left out either as the neighborhood features some generous lots as well as older houses which can be renovated to inculcate modern features and design.

8. Aledo

Aledo is a medium sized neighborhood perfect for people who are looking for something between big city and small town living. People looking to buy or build a home have access to a wide variety of choices including small starter homes to mansion type homes on large lots. People living in this community can expect to have access to Mexican restaurants, coffee houses, live community events, a farmers market and artisan shows.

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Your Fort Worth Custom Home Experts

With its stable job market and growing economy brought about by large companies relocating to Texas, Fort Worth is a great area for real estate investors and homeowners looking to build their dream homes in an affordable and aesthetic area. If you are looking for a custom luxury home builder in Fort Worth, then you cannot go wrong with Larry Stewart Custom Homes. Give us a call at (817) 251-5832 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.





Preparation for Building a Luxury Home in Texas

While building a custom home in Texas can be a great experience for families, sometimes working with custom home builder can be a bit stressful.  You’ll want to prepare yourself and your family for the home building experience in order to minimize stress.  When you prepare the right way to build a luxury home in Texas, you will feel excited and happy during the build and afterwards as well, when you get to enjoy your new custom home.  Here are some great ways to handle building a luxury home in Texas.

Budgeting for Your Next New Home

One of the most common challenges in preparing for building a luxury home in Texas and budgeting properly is understanding building terminology.
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Architect Design for Custom Home Builders in Dallas

Is Architect Design Important for Custom Home Builders in Dallas TX?

Good architect design is critical for custom home builders in Dallas TX. Many residential architectural design groups work directly with custom home builders in Dallas to design and build the very best home for a family’s needs on a specific piece of property.

The result should always be a custom home that reflects a style and a personality that fits the client perfectly.  It should also utilize the latest in technology and materials to make the home very energy efficient at the same time.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home in DFW?

Does It Take a Long Time To Build a Custom Home in DFW?

That’s the second most-asked question we receive from prospective clients and we know it’s an important one. Homeowners that are planning to build a luxury custom home must understand the time frame required to complete the home. Their family and activities will be affected during this time and they must consider all their options.
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What Does the Price per Square Foot Include in a Luxury Custom Home in DFW?

When you look at designs and pages of custom homes and you’re trying to pick the one that’s right for you, you’ll come across the price per square foot often.  But what does that really mean?  What does it include?  Let’s take a deeper look at the price per square foot in a luxury custom home in DFW.

The Price per Square Foot is the golden calculation everyone searches for when looking into building a new home. Luxury custom home builders will usually calculate the overall cost of the build before determining the price per square foot. It’s a simple calculation.

They’ll simply divide the total price by the number of feet to give you an accurate figure.
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5 Reasons You Should Build A Custom Home in DFW

6 Reasons You Should Build A Custom Home in DFW

Custom Home Building in Dallas/Fort Worth is on the Rise!

1.The real estate market is stronger than ever

The Dallas Fort Worth real estate market is cyclical just like any other market.  Recent activity clearly suggests that the market has clearly bottomed out and has now begun a solid recovery…but not overheated!

However, with national track home builders are coming back to the market and scooping up large parcels of land. That means finding a pad site for a custom home is only going to get more difficult.

More fortune 500 companies like FedEx, Toyota and Liberty Mutual are moving to Dallas and there simply won’t be terrific inventory to choose from.
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Design Tips for your Furniture Arrangement

With winter winding down and nice weather right around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about spring cleaning. While you’re changing out your furnishings, airing your drapes and having your rugs cleaned, why not take this opportunity to make sure your furniture arrangements are setting the tone for your unique lifestyle?

Clearing rooms to allow for deep cleaning will leave you with a blank design slate. Here are some design tips to make the most of your space before moving your furniture back in. Read More

smart home design

The Impact of Smart Home Design on your Lifestyle

In the last year, the interest in smart home technology has risen with homeowners across the country. Many homeowners own at least one smart device already, while others are planning to give it a try. With advanced technology and strong consumer interest, it’s estimated that an average family home could contain up to 500 smart devices by the year 2022.

Homeowners are looking for ways to create a more secure, manageable lifestyle and reduce home energy costs. Over the past few years, advanced technology has created many innovative products for the home that allow homeowners to fulfill those needs at an affordable cost. With a variety of smart home products on the market that provide increased security, home automation and energy efficiency, homeowners can change the way they live.  Read More