Home Office Essentials

executive home officeYour home office can be a great space, whether you work from home regularly or occasionally have to bring home a few things from the office. It can also be the perfect space to handle and organize all the paperwork that comes along with having a home and a family. Whatever your home office is needed for, you’ll want a space that is designed to allow you to relax and be productive. Read More

The Smoking Room

smoking roomSmoking is an activity that’s been around for several hundred years. Not everyone agrees with it, and health laws have been passed banning this indulgence from public places that once welcomed smokers. This has been a significantly crushing blow to the smoking elite, particularly for cigar aficionados.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, though, as do fashions. Today, a once fashionable part of history is en vogue again: the smoking room. In the 1850s during the Crimean War, Turkish tobacco was all the rage in Europe among the wealthy. Many country homes and mansions included a smoking room. These were large rooms designed to give the master of the home, as well as his gentleman guests, a place to gather and indulge without upsetting the rest of the household. Gentlemen would often don velvet gloves and coats (a smoking jacket) to protect themselves from odors. Likewise, curtains and drapes were often made from heavy velvet. Read More

The Elements of a Striking Swimming Pool

Southlake swimming poolSwimming pools need to look so tempting that you just want to jump right into them, like the pool pictured here. The way to accomplish this is by making the different elements of your swimming pool striking and beautiful. If you’re in need of some tips to enhance your pool’s appearance, our guide below will help get you started. Read More

Build the Ultimate Home Game Room Experience

While heading to a friend’s home for game night can be a nice change of pace, you may feel that it would be nice to settle down into your own personal game room after a long day. A standard game room with a billiards table and darts might be right up your alley, or you may be looking to add a multiplayer gaming station. No matter your needs, the following tips will help you build the ultimate home game room: Read More

How To Create a Personal Home Massage Room

Relax, listen to the sounds of nature, and allow serenity to ease into your mind through the healing touch of massage. The scent of lavender, sandalwood, or other essential oils float through the air as they are massaged into your skin, transporting you into a sacred space. Wouldn’t this be the ultimate luxury to have in your own home?

Whether you build a new home massage room or transform an existing room in your house, there are certain things you need to know when creating your oasis of tranquility.  Read More