Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builders

Colleyville is coined as one of the best towns in the USA. No wonder, for it’s brought together the best of the big city and small-town charm in one exclusive posh neighborhood. The Fort Worth suburb is graced with the beauty of history, nature, acres of parkland, and multi-million dollar real estates created by the best Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builders in Texas. Imagine living in a vibrant community surrounded by breathtaking sights and fantastic places to dine, shop, explore, and simply live life to the fullest!

Massive-sized Colleyville land and lots offer generous space to accommodate your creativity, imagination and brilliant ideas that altogether make up your perfect home. Deciding to build a custom home is a life-changing venture that you’d want to take seriously, and would therefore have to put several important things into consideration.

Factors to Consider When Building a Custom Home

Choosing the right neighborhood, location, determining your design style, budget, and finding reputable Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builders are all crucial pre-requisites of building your new home.


Many homeowners prefer an active and social environment based on their lifestyle, while others prefer a more quiet and private life spent with their partner and kids. Colleyville is a bright and friendly neighborhood where a variety of cultural and artistic programs, public events and community activities are held regularly.

Families can create strong ties with the abundance of sports parks and tons of recreational outlets for each member. There’s something for everyone- the outdoor lover, athlete, golfer, food enthusiast, fashionista, full-time mom or dad, and people of all ages with all sorts of interests.


The neighborhood you choose is one factor, and the location is another thing. If you have a child, for instance, your new home must be in close proximity to the school he or she will be attending. Executives typically consider travel time and modern day conveniences to fit their busy schedules.

Colleyville is about 3.5 miles from the DFW International Airport and is situated near commercial districts. The short commute to flourishing employment centers makes Colleyville the ideal place to work and pursue your career path, while developers and businesses would greatly benefit from the various opportunities that arise.

Overall Design and Budget

Decide beforehand how big you want your home to be, the style you want, and your budget. Can you possibly achieve your set goals and build your dream home with this set amount, without imposing a huge limitation? As of this date, Colleyville is made up of an eclectic mix of luxury housing that exemplifies upscale living as a whole. This is where the most integral part of a positive home buying experience comes in- choosing the right home builder whom you can entrust your visions with, and who will work with you towards getting the best value for your money.

Custom Home Builders

For the biggest decision of all, you’d be looking for Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builders who

  • – are honest, courteous and hardworking
  • – are licensed and insured
  • – know exactly what they’re doing
  • – consistently receives positive reviews
  • – offer warranty on their work
  • – take pride in model homes and finished projects
  • – have built a reputation on customer satisfaction

Why Choose Us As Your Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builder?

Larry Stewart Custom Homes sets the distinction by offering you these 3 things that are invaluable to custom home building:

The Union of Style, Luxury, and Convenience

Our goal is to customize each area of your house, new or remodeled, to suit your lifestyle. Most homes have adapted to the latest trends of combining traditional with contemporary style, meeting somewhere in between for a timeless interior design. Whichever you prefer- vintage, minimalist, industrial, mid-century, Scandinavian or Bohemian, we will blend in luxury into your interior style.

Quality is never compromised at Larry Stewart, for we utilize only the best materials of exceptional durability that radiates the full stylish luxury you can possibly get out of your budget. Moreover, each Colleyville home is built with state-of-the-art technology for the energy-savvy and environmentally responsible homeowner. Modernized, efficient components that make life easier offer unbeatable convenience on top of Colleyville’s world-class amenities.

Track Record Backed by Decades of Experience

Long-standing home builders can come up with anything from singe-family starter homes for first-time buyers, to multi-million dollar homes for the wealthiest luxury custom home buyers. Sure enough, a custom home project does not go without surprises and challenges to encounter, but a highly-experienced Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builder can keep everything under control.

For over 30 years and counting, we continue to offer customer-oriented service that goes beyond construction. Larry Stewart Custom Homes covers management, supervision, permits, regulations, extending to the role of an architect, interior decorator, landscape designer, and more. Our award-winning quality standards, passion to build, and open communication defines the line between a stressful event and hassle-free pleasurable home-building experience.

The Freedom to Build Your Home YOUR Way

The best part about choosing us as your partner is our ability to build your home just the way you like it. We design houses unique to each Colleyville resident, with no two projects alike whatsoever. Your home will be designed to your exact specifications down to the tiniest detail. You’re fully involved in every aspect of the streamlined process, giving you the freedom to customize and input your feedback in all stages of home building.

As today’s preferred Colleyville Luxury Custom Home Builders, Larry Stewart ensures quality inside and out. Enormous lawns are imbued with lush greenery, beautifully manicured landscaping, lovely gardens, swimming pools, and tennis or basketball courts. Homes are furnished with top-of-the-line fixtures, designer finishes, and the most adorable interior style suited to your taste. More than the sum of all these structural elements and features, is a luxury home capable of bringing people closer together and directing individuals towards a successful life.

Discover more about Colleyville, the people that comprise the prestigious community, and the experience that awaits you! Check out the Larry Stewart Custom Homes gallery featuring houses that are beautiful in each its own way, born from our team’s innovation and our valued clientele’s wishes. Whenever you’re ready to share your own dreams, we are here to listen and guide you every step of the journey to your perfect home.

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