What makes a dining room design elegant? Is it merely having a roaring fireplace, crown moulding, and chandeliers in a room? Do table and chair types, a neutral color palette, or all sorts of textures spice up the ‘wow factor’ of your dining room? Yes, a dining room could be made elegant by any of these elements. However, it’s a special design that pulls all of those elements together, successfully marrying them while showcasing instances of contrast.

Let’s look at four examples of elegant dining room designs that may be best for you.

Southlake Custom Home

construction-detail-finishesIn this Southlake Custom Home, neutral colors contrasting against dark woods are anything but drab. Crisp, white crown moulding ties together the tan walls and draws your eye up toward the subtle yet fabulously-patterned ceiling. The lighting fixture featuring crystal droplets shines up toward that exceptional ceiling while still raining down mood lighting toward the table. The hard lines of the crown moulding are seen again in the rectangular table top which is paired with rounded legs, complementing the voluptuous lines of the chair legs and arms. Floral centerpieces featuring muted colors still pop in front of the room’s neutral color scheme.

Westlake Luxury

Westlake Luxury Dining RoomThis Westlake Luxury design uses a recessed ceiling with surrounding details and numerous windows to make the room appear massive. A light with fluted glass anchors all of the rectangular shapes of the art pieces, doors, area rug, recessed ceiling, and crown moulding. The sideboard/console not only looks chic, but it’s functional. It adds ample space for you to keep food trays, display accessories, or to hide clutter.

The current trend is to have different chair styles around your dining room table. Consider pairing more simple side chairs with bold end chairs. To make the look come together, the seating has a common element in that the wood is the same color. Contrast is added to the room with bold patterns on chair upholstery or other accessories around the room against a neutral palette.

Southlake Tuscan Estate

Southlake Tuscan Estate Dining RoomThis Southlake Tuscan Estate design makes the dining room table the room’s star. This design is all about demonstrating balance in a dining room design all while highlighting a sense of family and fellowship. Your eye is immediately drawn to the sparkling chandelier and the welcoming dining table beneath. Darker wood crown moulding and wainscoting doesn’t feel dark and dreary, because the rounded detailing adds an inviting extra dimension to it. The diamond-shaped pattern of the floor is reflected in the chandelier’s crystals and the curtain fabric. A round table amid so many straight lines softens the room, an element which is further emphasized by the round nailheads on the chairs.

Southlake Tudor Style

Southlake Tudor Estate Dining RoomWainscoting and crown moulding add clean lines and make this Southlake Tudor Style room seem taller. The fireplace is the room’s focal point, further accentuating a sense of space with its mirror. The strong lines from the decorative colored wood crown moulding near the ceiling, and also from the wainscoting near the floor, ground the room. The upholstery pattern on the chairs uses colors which both copy and complement the color in the decorative woodwork. Chandelier lighting is magnetic, drawing your eye. The table area is further defined with the neutral area rug. Asymmetrically-placed rectangular art pieces frame the rounded archway, giving the room fuller contrast and character.

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