In this day and age, there are a ton of home styles. There are Victorians, Ranch Homes,Neoclassical Homes, European Homes, Colonial Homes, Contemporary-Modern Homes, and more. All of these different home styles are unique and different, but not as unique as the New American Style Homes.

The Beauty Of New American Style Homes

This home style has its own unique beauty. The trim almost always matches the landscaping or roof, small shrubs around the household, and roof with complex pitches and angles that match the dynamic of the home. These homes are often seen in the suburbs owned by middle-high class Americans. Don’t forget, there is always a dominant garage for the hardworking man, or recreational use for the retired family. When you see an American style home, you think “American Dream”. These are most definitely one of the classiest, most unique styles there is today.

The Difference of American Homes

There are many differences between the New American style homes. Ranch homes are long and have only one story while New American homes have two stories and are usually the form of a rectangle. Contemporary homes are also one story , but more in the shape of a rectangle than a long ranch home. Mediterranean homes have a small pitch on the roof, while new American homes have a decent pitch roof in different areas of the home. Prairie homes are square and really highlight the front door with pillars large pillars, while new American style homes have the front door offset to the home. Craftsman homes have a huge garage and also multiple pitches, but they do not use the same types of exterior material like new American style homes do. Victorians are mostly windows while new American style homes have a moderate amount of window space. As you can see, we could go on forever about the differences in different homes and the new American style homes, but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

The Power of Earthy colors

These homes are nature inspired and usually use different shades of brown and green as the primary and secondary color of the home. Often times, a sub-secondary color comes into play. These colors are designed to clash with the amazing landscaping and stone exterior walls of the home. The shingles are black or light brown to also compliment the earthy colors a new American style home.

Front Porches of New American Style Homes

Almost all of these homes come equipped with a beautiful front porch. Most of them are full width, while others are partial. A rocking chair and an American flag can usually be found on these porches. To complete the porch, Tapered columns erect from the bottom all of the way up. These can be made of wood, stone, or plaster. Above these columns, you can also see exposed rafter tails. This is a very popular style in the 21st century for most homes. Below are usually dark-stained two by four plank that also gives away that earthy look. Sometimes there is a thick layer of clear coat finish that radiates the natural light making the area much brighter than ever before. This is also good to have if the owner has active children because the risk of splinters are depleted. Beautiful railings surround these porches mostly made of oak or mahogany, sometimes stone as well.

Outstanding Landscaping

Green lawns and dark mulch surround the surface of new American style homes turf. There are most commonly half-circle designs where the mulch and the grass meet. Bricks or a thin strip of black liner separates the grass and the mulch as well. Inside of the mulch are mostly small plants up front, some medium plants past the smaller plants, and also a small amount of large shrubs scattered closer to the new American style home.

Who is A New American Home Style For?

New American style homes are for a few different type of people. These homes are great for families, because of the massive amount of space , large yard, garage for dad, and entertainment space for mom. Gourmet kitchen areas are also made for an elegant dining experience if you are the social type to bring over a friend or two for treats. The master bedrooms are made for the couple who want to stretch out and breath in their own privacy after a long day at work. Multiple bathrooms are ideal for kids and company so that everyone can have a turn. Spacious showers make bathing a dream on it’s own.

Use of Unique Materials

Most New American style homes come with a few key elements that make them what they are today. Asymmetrical bricks on pillars or large portions of the house is a must. These colors clash with the primary colors of the home itself and really give the home a natural look. Bricks are also used to cover up small spaces of the exterior. Stucco is another main factor of the exterior design giving it that tough rugged look. Shutters and half paned front doors conquer the outside as well. The inside is cozy with massive drapes, vibrant colors, large furniture, perfect lighting, a gourmet kitchen, and even a fireplace. Not to mention marble countertops that accent the stainless steel accessories are a must-have. Steel and marble go together like peanut butter and jelly in these homes.

Where Else Are New American Style Homes?

I bet you couldn’t imagine that other countries think our design is outstanding as well! New American style homes are also located in the UK. They are a little bit different than the ones we see in America. UK American homes are smaller, they also have a smaller garage, and they don’t use as much stone and brick for the exterior of the house as us Americans do, if you ask me, it’s like eating an ice cream sandwich without the ice cream. Where’s the filling? Where is the soul behind it?!

American style homes are also located in India. They do inquire the exterior features like bricks and stones, high pillars, and complex roofs. India, like UK, does not use big garages. You can find new American style homes almost all around the world, England, Australia, Kerala, Melbourne and so on. But, just like chinese food in America or McDonald’s in Japan, they just aren’t as good as they are outside of its homeland! New American homes are perfect how they are here, and we love the design and natural beauty that makes them ours. American made, and American owned!

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