Do houses with interesting roof lines, large expanses of glass, clean lines and lots of open space appeal to you? Modern contemporary homes are most sought-after in today’s market, whether move-in ready or custom built. The style boasts of distinctive design aesthetics that spell sophistication, efficiency and functionality.

Modern contemporary house plans are great for people who gladly welcome an up-to-date approach to design and living. Many often mistake one for the other though, especially since contemporary and modern terms have long been regarded as synonyms. In architecture, the two styles fall under each its own genre. Understanding how they differ is key to blending them perfectly together.

Here’s to a keen eye for the modern contemporary home, for you to see if it suits you and your family best.

What’s the Difference? Modern VS Contemporary

Modern pertains to that of the early 1900s to mid-20th century, hence an era-specific design in line with the industrial age. Olden, overtly ornate elements are out. Stripped-down aesthetics defined by simplicity and optimal function are in. Modern houses mostly arrive as cube-shaped structures that tend to be cold and unfriendly. The structure is mostly made up of exposed steel or concrete materials and monochromatic colors, if at all coated.

Contemporary houses, on the other hand, revolve around living in the moment. The style’s concept is of its own time, regardless of the past and what tomorrow brings. Meant to reflect current design trends, something deemed as contemporary during the 1960’s or 70’s sensibly no longer applies now. What makes this style stand out is how it embraces new ideas and takes on different forms across the seasons. It’s a gentle nudge away from the cold and rigid, diverting to a warmer space with softer lines and touches of color.

Enter the 21st century, filled with innovation and technological advancements, people seek the convenience of modern living in a home that’s uniquely their own. This is where the modern contemporary home comes in.

A Clean Break From The Past

Contemporary-modern houses incorporate the best of both worlds as it completely departs from traditional styles. Larry Stewart goes beyond stellar designs upon building homes founded on state-of-the-art processes, construction materials and sustainable elements. Our modern contemporary floor plans emphasize efficient living spaces for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Square footage is maximized while minimizing costs. Environmental and energy-conservation factors are carefully considered during home building, such as proper window placement and perhaps adding solar panels to a flat roof. Not only do you wake up to breathtaking views, but comfortably move about in a space optimized to make your everyday life easier.

The Modern-Contemporary House

Sleek and elegant homes line the streets, rocky beaches, the hillside and other awe-inspiring locations. No matter where you decide to live, you can create your very own version of a modern contemporary home! The style is defined by these essential design concepts:

Flat or Angled Roof Lines

Roofs are on the flatter side when it comes to the modern contemporary style. Distinct right angles, cantilevered structures and curvilinear silhouettes are inherent as well. Unique rooflines and intentional asymmetrical designs pave the way for a home’s full functionality. All room structures can be maximized for current use from the ground up. Flat roof extensions can be fabricated with granite floors, bamboo, or designed for green plants to thrive.

Open Space and Airiness

Contemporary homes are all about space, and more space. Doorways are eliminated and strict barriers are blurred. Open layouts elicit a sense of spaciousness, which can be likewise achieved when you opt for the smaller and more affordable modern contemporary house plans. Zones are designed to seamlessly blend for effective use of the entire space. Kitchen and dining areas merge, which merges with the living room to produce a light and airy feeling in a comfortably livable space.

Less Is More

Clutter is nonexistent in a modern space. The idea of less is more can be expressed in different ways, whether architectural, minimalist interior decor, or artistically. Simple yet sophisticated modern design is apparent in finishes like stone, marble, ceramic tiles, or hardwood flooring. The overall look is clean and light without heavy adornment, thereby directing attention to the details that matter most.

Subtle, Neutral Palette

Modern contemporary houses are stood upon the realm of neutrality, which is predominantly white. White walls are far from plain and boring, but serve as an excellent foundation of a great design. Picture simple sophistication, where things are kept fresh amid trends and seasons. Neutral colors of beige, cream, tan, black, gray, brown, and brown gray make up the color scheme. Red, blue and yellow, characteristic of the contemporary interior, are used sparingly just to add pops of brightness.

Abundant Windows

Windows are sprinkled generously throughout the contemporary home to bring ample light in. There are a myriad of varieties to brighten the modern interior, including skylights, two-storey, corner windows, and massive floor to ceiling panoramic windows. The glass frames bestow more than the beauty of natural light touching your home, but admits the wonders of the outside world inside your home. It’s where man’s skillful creation and nature meet. Strong indoor and outdoor connections promote harmony in the modern contemporary home.

Natural Materials

Nature’s elements are often seen in the exterior and landscape of a contemporary house. Organic materials aren’t limited to wood and stone, but now accommodates cotton, leather, wool, slate, natural linen and cork. have found its place in the modern home in creating a warmer and more welcoming space. Paired with metal or concrete and other industrial-inspired components, natural materials strike the balance between earthiness and somewhat clinical modernity.

Clean Lines And Interesting Shapes

The modern contemporary house’s architecture prides itself on impressive proportions geometric shapes and strong angles. Complex ornamentation are replaced by clean lines and usefulness in both form and function. Larry Stewart will create a solid foundation for your future in one invaluable investment of a home wrapped in timeless simplicity. Fascinating designs sprung from creativity and innovation make your very own style stand out among typical constructions.

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