Tuscan style luxury home - mudroom ideasThe mudroom may just be the hardest working room in the house. This is the catch-all room for when the kids come home, for when you are running in with the groceries when it is raining and perhaps even a place for pets. In order to have a mudroom that can keep up with your family, you need function and style. The best mudroom ideas out there will combine both.

Families With Children

When considering mudroom ideas with kids in mind, the height of everything needs to be taken into account. It is a given that there will be hooks for coats at a height which adults can reach, but there should be hooks at heights which kids can reach too. You will never be able to teach your child to hang up his or her jacket if they cannot reach the hook.

To help keep everything organized, create a different cubby for every child. Label the cubby with your child’s name and make this the spot for their hats, jackets, book bags and shoes. When your child comes home from school have them enter by the mudroom so that everything is in the same spot, rather then strewn around the house.

Furry Family Members

As the mudroom is likely to have tile floors, this is a room which is great for pets. Make room for Fido to have a water bowl, food dish and even a bed here. A special basket can be placed on the shelf which contains a towel and brush for the dog. After a walk where you both got caught in the rain it will be helpful to dry and brush your family pet before they get the chance to run through the living room. This special spot for the family pet is easy to clean and keeps everything in one spot.

Drip Dry

For shoes or boots that get wet from the rain, invest in a floor tray and fill it with beach rocks. The space between the rocks and the tray allow muddy water to drip off shoes as they dry. To clean the tray, simply dump it out in the driveway and hose it off. A boot tray looks stylish and does a great job at keeping mudroom tiles or wood floors clean.

Hidden Storage

One of the must universal mudroom ideas is as simple as including a bench, better yet one with hidden storage. You can use the extra space to stash room cleaners, a broom, a microfiber mop and glass cleaner. Cover the bench with a soft cushion that matches the adjoining room’s color scheme to tie everything together. You will end up with a place to sit and put on shoes, but still keep everything you need at hand and hidden at the same time.

Bringing In Light

Recessed lighting on the floor is one of the mudroom ideas which adds ambiance and makes the room work better. When you drop an earring or the kids are trying to find crayons which have fallen out of their bags, this low lighting will be a big help. Mirrors are useful not only to see what you look like before you leave home, but will add light to the space. Mirrors bounce natural and artificial light around the room. If you have the space, a head to toe mirror is perfect for a mudroom.

Your mudroom is an extension of your home. This space should flow with the rest of the home. From a small entry to a larger room, complete with a washer and dryer, the perfect mudroom ideas should suit your family and complement your lifestyle.

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