What could be more spectacular than a sun-kissed view of crystal blue waters, with that breezy atmosphere that wraps you in romance? No you don’t need to be in Hollywood or stay at a hotel’s balcony overlooking sandy beaches, nor will you have to book a flight to Spain. Look no further than a Mediterranean style home for your custom home, escapade or family vacation.

Come discover the beauty of Mediterranean architecture, from history and pure design elements, famous century-old houses to custom-built dream homes of the present. Bonding with people who matter most, fun and relaxation altogether make life wonderful, There can’t be a better place than this grand residence to live every moment!

Mediterranean Homes At Its Peak

Films of the 1920s and 1930s mostly featured romantic Mediterranean sets. In real life, celebrities lived in Spanish Colonial and castle-like Tudor houses, which eventually brought about the peak period of Mediterranean home construction. The architectural style resembling Spanish haciendas became extremely popular in North America between 1918 to 1940. Though home building was dampered by the Depression, Mediterranean house styles regained its fame during the 1960s and has never gone out of style until modern times.

Today, one or two-storey Mediterranean homes are typically found in parts of the globe with warm climates and Spanish histories, such as California, Florida, and Southern states. Mediterranean house plans are perfect for coastal and temperate areas, but can be constructed anywhere by experienced home builders skilled at their craft. At Larry Stewart, your Mediterranean home can be of any size you want, stood on the lot you’ve picked, and made just for you!

Famous Historical Mediterranean Houses

Here’s to give you a glimpse of the most remarkable Mediterranean homes built throughout history:

Smith-Heberton House. A 1916 Mediterranean home in Montecito, California coined the “El Hogar” (Spanish term for “hearth”), designed by George Washington Smith, a renowned architect during the early 20th century.

Frances Marion and Fred Thomson House. Mediterranean house style located in Beverly Hills, California built in 1925 by architect Wallace Neff for the screenwriter and movie star couple.

Fred C. Aiken House. Built in 1926 by Architect Addison Mizner who launched the “Florida renaissance” in Boca Raton. The Mediterranean house was named after the Boca Raton Mayor and included in the NRHP (U.S. National Register of Historic Places).

What’s To Love About Mediterranean Style Homes?

Well, a straightforward answer would be: Everything. Each solidly built house is wrapped in all things Mediterranean. Think Mediterranean art, heritage, sunshine, and the most breath taking spots (in both land and sea) that you may ever see in this lifetime! Mediterranean style homes take all aspects of exterior and interior designs up a notch.

Inspired by a compendium of Moorish, Italian, Spanish, and Greek coastal styles, Mediterranean houses are the epitome of lavish architecture. It’s easy to recognize the tile roofs, stucco exteriors and elegant arch motifs, as much as it is to fall for the warm hospitality adapted from the Mediterranean region.

Traditional Red-Tiled Roof

The drop in roof level adds interest to the Mediterranean home style. Low-pitched roofs often appear asymetrical and uneven, yet perfectly grace the top of the house. The shallow structure slopes into a wide overhang to provide much-needed shade on hot and sunny days. Arriving in red, the tiled roof echoes that of Spanish and Mexican missions that were made of clay pots and bricks.

Mediterranean houses aren’t limited to dry climates, but tiles can be coated for cold and moisture resistance in cool, damp, even snowy climates. Heavier than regular shingles, the roof tiles are designed to last for a century with little upkeep. Shaped like half tubes, the air pockets in the tube tunnel kept air cool while exhibiting fireproof properties.

Stucco Exterior, Walls and Floors

The Mediterranean style home’s stucco finish offers weather protection to wall surfaces. Stucco or plaster exteriors are often paired with beautiful stone or brick, while exposed wooden beams frame the high ceilings. Kitchens walls would usually be plastered with lime to allow the structure to breathe. Terra-cotta tiles, granite and marble are common flooring materials for keeping the feet cool.

Arched Openings, Large Doors and Windows

Open arches are self-supporting elements which pave the way for sturdier walls and airy spaces. Heavy and huge wooden doors with ornate carvings, French doors, or Tuscan columns articulating an elegant portico are some entryway examples of the Mediterranean house style. Big, similarly arched, wooden or decorative iron windows are spread across walls. All openings make way for better circulation as nature seamlessly connects with the home’s interior.

Outdoor Living – Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean home plans elicit a generally laid-back style that promotes flexibility for customizations. There’s plenty of outdoor living space in the form of patios, second floor verandas, lovely balconies, lush gardens, custom pool and courtyards for larger lots. Mediterranean houses make entertaining family and friends while everyone remains quite comfortable.

Mediterranean Home Decor and Furnishings

Mediterranean-style home furniture ranges anywhere from simply functional to exceptional formality. Pieces are short with intricately detailed carvings. Fireplaces mostly arrive with stone mantels and hearths rather than wood, with a wrought iron fireplace screen. Filigree light fixtures, burnished bronze urns, oil-rubbed bronze or black collections comprise Mediterranean accents.

The Mediterranean House Palette

Mediterranean colors, to no surprise, are close to the skies and seas. Warm terra cotta, lavender and yellow are also hues that embody Mediterranean regions. Plasters are usually coated in white and pastel whereas layers of paint and glaze add visual depth and texture.

Mosaic is one of the finest distinguishing features of Mediterranean architecture. Some of the richest, long-enduring artwork are continuously being preserved. Mosaic tile designs endow color in the kitchen backsplash, floors, furniture, and staircase risers of Mediterranean style houses.

Larry Stewart Custom Home Builders invites you to embrace the new realm of Mediterranean design. We blend in time-honored elements into complex architecture which does not stray from 21st century functionality. We ensure a Mediterranean style home exactly how you hoped it would be, and how you imagined a life of luxury!

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