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How To Build A Custom Home

Buying a house is a major milestone in life, but building a home to your specifications? It’s going the extra mile towards an unequivocal experience and forever living your dream! Create a future dwelling founded on wise decisions and unique ideas by discovering how to build a custom home today.

Home Building Basics – A Better Understanding

Custom-home building is a fruitful process in itself. Investing time to learn about the steps involved can help you get the ball rolling smoothly and keep it that way through to the end. A custom home, being unlike any other, entails understanding the differences of each all-important aspect:

Tract Homes VS Custom Homes

In your search for builder options, you’d want to veer away from tract builders. Many potential buyers tend to grab the cheaper opportunities offered by these volume builders. Unknown to them is that fixed price contracts often mean substandard quality in home building skills and construction materials. A tract or production home is called as such, with floor plans built again and again with minor tweaks done per client. It would be the exact opposite of the custom home you want! If you want the perfect house with the right look, setting, layout, design, and ambiance, then partner with custom home builders.

Choosing The Right Custom Home Builder

Custom homes are built from the ground up. Your time and money are down the line, and your patience will most likely be put to the test! Your chosen builder can make the distinction between a fun project filled with inspiration and creativity, or a trial and error process that comes with a whole lot of unnecessary headaches. Pick the custom home builder whom you’re comfortable to work with right from the start. Think long-term and check references. A reputable builder’s expertise and experience combined will get every detail done right in the most efficient way. You end up with exactly what you need and want, even beyond what you imagined!

Factors Affecting Custom Home Price Quotes

A house is generally priced according to its living area’s cost per square foot. There are a myriad of thngs that affect a certain quote, like the exclusion of porches and garages. A buyer who wants a 5-car garage will receive a different home price from a buyer who wants a porch and 3-car garage within the same living area. These parts require a foundation to be built upon, framing and lighting among many other components. Other factors which affect under roof footage include the amount of outdoor living areas, exterior amenities, the addition of a pool and incorporating smart home technology.

Selecting The Right Lot

Knowing how to select the right lot is crucial in custom home building. Your dream home will only become a reality if it’s stood on the perfect lot! Of course, the decision will be primarily based on your personal preferences. The ideal lot is best filtered in terms of size, width, orientation, valuation, whether it’s a corner lot and which neighborhood it belongs.

Building Your Custom Home – How It Works

We now gain a better understanding of the building process. Finding a builder prior to entering the design phase of building your custom home is recommended. Architects aren’t builders and often construction budgeting isn’t their expertise. Also consider the fact that the professionals are paid per square foot under roof. Do the math. The larger your house, the larger your bill gets!

The building process can be put to a halt in cases when a client realizes how much costs will skyrocket. It would mean double the effort if you have to re-think everything. It can also mean compromising on style and letting go of other home functions. If you’ve got the right home builder by your side, you save time by having a well-crafted plan on how to build a custom home. A good custom home builder can set proper construction expenses and give you the most out of your money, not hinder you with budget limitations. Larry Stewart offers every valued client design solutions that maintain your home’s integrity and functionality.

Construction costs estimates arrive in two types:

Cost plus contract- The preferred contract when a good relationship is formed between builder and buyer, where the only cost is actual labor and material. The construction contact and group of architects manage to devise a plan while goals remain aligned with the buyer’s satisfaction. Just as how the custom home building process should go, you are empowered over decision making every step of the way.

Fixed Price contract- The builder constructs the home in accordance to architect plans and the set allowance for materials. This type of construction contract is usually taken advantage by some contractors by cutting corners or using cheaper, lower quality materials which would sensibly give them more profit. Any change along the way would only increase costs further rather than stay at a fixed amount.

Builder’s Warranty

Understanding builder – sub-contractor relationships is essential when assessing this aspect of how to build a custom home. Trusted custom home builders provide services backed up by warranty. Those who have long-established relationships with sub contractors may leverage in addressing instances when items are no longer covered. Warranty is a broad aspect that covers general workmanship for 1 year, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) for 2 years, and structural warranty for 10 years. Building materials like roof shingles and appliances would likewise be supported by the manufacturer’s warranty. Discussing warranty coverages with your builder beforehand works to your own protection and benefit.

Ready To Embark On Your Journey?

Get one step closer to your dreams by downloading our comprehensive e-book. Unlock everything you need to know on how to build a custom home to produce the best outcome. Your own space and your own style, built on time and on budget. It all starts with your own lot to build. Larry Stewart’s handpicked land and lots offer the perfect dream home locations on earth. We’d be honored to be part of what could be the most exciting and rewarding of your life’s endeavors!

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Colleyville – The Best Place to Build a Custom Home in D/FW

Colleyville is a suburb and city of Fort Worth. It is situated in the northeast Tarrant County of Texas. Based on its natural endowment of trees, the city is nicknamed the city of Trees. The area of the city is around 34 square kilometers. Based on the statistics of the 2010 census, its estimated population density was 670 people for every square kilometer. The current estimated population of the city is around 24, 000 and a density of around 705 people per square kilometer. Colleyville is home to many households. Currently, there is no specific number of households within the city’s boundaries. However, it is estimated that over 8, 500 households are present within the city’s walls.

Looking In Colleyville To Build Your Custom Home?

If you want to visit or reside in Colleyville or build one of the Colleyville custom homes, the following information is for you. You can be rest assured that the city is home to many inhabitants. This is attributed to the countless advantages that are associated with living there. Also, it is a perfect place to start a new life either as an individual or with your whole family. Based on the city structure, it is quite conducive for Colleyville custom homes as highlighted below.

Colleyville Parks &  Recreation

Generally, the city is home to many recreational facilities. In particular, it is home to some of the most beautiful parks that the entire United States boasts of. The city’s parks buzz with life and glow with immense beauty and natural splendor. Life near the parks is amazing. Therefore, they are some of the best places to live nearby. It can be a perfect idea to buy a piece of land and build a home nearby the parks. The experience, convenience and ambience are just out of this world. All the parks are open from 6 am through 10 pm. However, the Colleyville nature center is open 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 min before sunset. The following are the major parks that the city boasts of.

  • – Bransford
  • – ParkCity
  • – ParkReagan
  • – Park Pavillion Game Field
  • – Colleyville Nature Center

Building inspection

If you want to build anything in Colleyville city, you have to bear in mind the fact that the city has rules and regulations that you have to adhere to. Put simply, your structure must conform to certain guidelines and regulations stipulated by the city’s buildings department.
The buildings department of the city has specific codes that any person or group building a structure must adhere to. These guidelines are for the maintenance of a safety, healthy and conducive environment. Therefore, building a home or any structure in the city is a great idea. You can be sure to enjoy safety, comfort and warmth.

Fantastic Colleyville Schools

The city’s schools are mainly handled by the Grapevine Colleyville Independent School District. Under the district, there are eleven elementary schools; four schools for the middle aged a dual of high schools. For high school students, they can choose to attend Grapevine High School or Colleyville Heritage. The schools in the city are renowned for excellence in all areas of consideration. Other schools within the city include Colleyville Covenant Christian Academy and Keller Independent School District.

Garbage Collection & Recycling of Waste

The city has a well-established waste collection and recycling program. Waste to be disposed of has to be packed in special bags or bins and left at curbside prior to 7 am. According to the city’s rules, it is not allowed to leave garbage uncollected for more 24 hours. There are also guidelines on weight specifications that each householder is supposed to adhere to. All this is testimony to the city’s cleanliness, making it a safe haven for anyone who wants to build a house there.

Online Services

The city affords its citizens a chance to access a good number of services online. This is what makes living in the city quite convenient. There are many online services that residents can access online. Some of the most notable online services available to inhabitants of the city are indicated below.

  • – Online mapping; locate different areas of the city using the city’s online mapping service. Crime reports; send and receive information on various crime activities to the crime prevention unit of the city.
  • – City maps; gain access to some of the notable city areas and structures including pieces of land. Public documents; a number of public documents can be accessed online by any individual.
  • – Online magazines; gain access to some of the most iconic magazines of the city online.
  • – Online payment system; make payments for various utility bills as well as library fees, fines and certain fees for permits.
  • – Request submission and tracking system; successfully call upon the specific department of your interest and get a response as soon as possible. Also track the progress of your request online.

The City’s Neighborhoods

The city is among the best in as far livability is concerned. Currently, it boasts of a livability score of 88 %. This means that an average person on this earth would find the city worth inhabiting. Major reasons why the city’s neighborhoods are worth inhabiting are indicated below.

  • – Grocery store per capita (makes it easy to locate a store nearby)
  • – Air quality
  • – Life time cancer risks
  • – Miles of trails
  • – High graduation rate (the city’s inhabitants are highly educated and very civilized in thought and action)

All these factors had been considered when the city was named as the healthiest. It is thus a magnificent area to build Colleyville custom homes. Three of the neighborhoods that lead in livability scores are indicated below. The three are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. In all the three neighborhoods, there is a low crime rate, many graduates, high income residents and many local amenities for both new and old houses. These are perfect places to build a home in Colleyville. Further, the neighborhoods below are peaceful, has many trees, high air quality, safe, friendly neighbors, magical, reasonable lot sizes ranging, easy accessibility to groceries, pet friendly, walkable and quiet.


Contact Larry Stewart Homes – Expert Colleyville Custom Home Builders

Larry Stewart Custom Homes knows Colleyville intimately and has more than 30 years of experience building luxury homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth. Give us a call at (817) 402-2154 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or help you build the home of your dreams.

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