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The Vintage and Rustic Look of Farmhouse Style Homes

Many people confuse a farm house and a country home design. The two may be similar, but a farm house has its unique style that can never be found in other types of houses. Farmhouse styles may be different depending on the region and origin, but the difference is not much. The houses are popular in America, England, and France, but the integration of culture brings out distinct similarities in the design of farmhouses all over the world.

The main distinctive features of a farmhouse style are the material used which is predominantly wood. Modern farm houses are trying to incorporate other materials, but the main material is wood. The roof of a farm house is gabled, and you can easily spot a farmhouse with the wide verandas both at the front and the back of the house. A farm house is about functionality, and since they are designed with a farmer’s lifestyle in mind, the verandas are helpful for storing farm produce and other supplies.

A farm house is generally about warmth and harmony, and this is seen regarding the soft colors that vary from white to gray, the use of natural wood in the construction and a fireplace in the living room. When it comes to the interior, you will notice the use of interior textile and beamed ceilings. The living spaces are wide, and the kitchen doubles as the eating area most of the time.
Unique features of the farmhouse style

The Primary Use of Wood

For many farmhouse styles, the use of wood is the main feature. This is to bring out the vintage look of the house. The wood is used in its natural state although in some modern farm house the wood is polished and painted.

Wood is used in constructing the walls or if the house is made from stone cables, the frames are made using wood. The floors of the farmhouse are also made using wood, and you will also notice the excessive use of wood in the staircase and the visible ceilings.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is a very important part of the farm house. This is the heart of the home and farmhouses are usually made to accommodate big families. To accommodate the big family lifestyle and the cleaning of farm produce, the kitchen is usually big, and you will notice the large sink.

The counter tops are made using wood, and they are made to look like the butcher’s aisle for cutting meat. The kitchen cabinets are open, and they don’t have doors. You can easily see all the farm produce arranged in the kitchen. The kitchen floor is also made using wood.

The Use of Warm Colors

The use of color in a farm house laid back, and you don’t expect to the use of bright colors in the traditional colors. The wooden finishes are not colored most of the time, and this gives you a rustic look that is traditional farm houses.

For some houses, the use of neutral colors is common, and most of the walls are painted white or gray. The essence of the use of color is to create a natural and earth feeling of the complete design.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is one of the major characteristics of a farm house. The outdoor spaces are characterized by large verandas on around the house covering from the front to the back of the house.

The verandas are decorated with comfortable sofas to relax after a long day on the farm. Large verandas are one of the district features that is common with all the farm houses across the world.

Two-Story Design

You will always identify a farmhouse style with the two storey design. The reason is to give more space upstairs because farm houses are meant for big families. The bedrooms are upstairs and have inbuilt cabinets made of wood for storing clothes. The two storey design makes it possible to come up with a gabled roof design which is one of the main features of the farm houses.

Living Room Design

The living room design of the farmhouse is usually an open plan with a lot of space to move around. The traditional farmhouse is designed keeping in mind that there might be younger kids who will be moving around so the living room.

This is the reason why the living room design is more open compared to other house designs. A fireplace is also a common feature in the living room. This is because most of the farm houses are located in the countryside where wood is readily available for heating the living room.

Examples Of Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Furniture

The farmhouse furniture is very basic. The sofas are mostly made using natural leather to match the natural way of living in the countryside. Sometimes in the modern farm house, you might notice the use of bold prints in the living room and heavy textures like checkered and floral prints. The beds are made using four pillars of wood and some of the time you might notice the use of metallic beds although this is not very common.

Farmhouse Décor

To bring out the best in a farm house, the décor should match the countryside theme. Most of the most common décor for a farm house is the use of herd skin on the walls, egg basket on the table and any other type of décor that presents the work that is done in the farm house.

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