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The Effortless Elegance of French Style Homes

The French love their architecture. Their designs trace a long history and medley of artistic style elements across the centuries. French style homes remain a very popular choice for it never fails to captivate with its distinguishable stately charm.

Returning soldiers from World War I have primarily romanticized the architectural style and brought their keen interest in French houses to Canada and the United States. Many new structures were built with details outlined as they’ve seen during the war. The French style homes exhibited traditional and ornamental attributes borrowed from France.

Architectural Hallmarks of The French-Inspired House

Designs vary, but a French style home mainly holds these distinctive features:

A Symmetrical Facade – Brick, stone, walls of smooth plaster or stucco siding make up the French home’s frontage. Stucco is a mix of sand, lime, water and cement which enhances any exterior like frosting on cake.

Flared Eaves – Pertaining to the roof’s edge, eaves on the outside projects beyond the side of the house to serve both decorative and practical functions. Flared eaves define the French style house while offering protection for the beautiful siding and interior sunshade.

High-Pitched Hipped Roof – Unifying the entire home exterior is the hip or hipped roof, arriving in red clay tile and sloping down towards the eaves on all four sides. It is the most dominant characteristic of French style house plans which is often graced with attractive dormers. In a square structure, the top of the hip roof is pointed like a pyramid. In a rectangular-shaped building, the hipped roof forms a ridge. Red clay tile (or simulated red tile) roof

Dormers – A dormer refers to a window vertically set on a sloping roof. The house component is sometimes called lucarne, which is French for “skylight.” Sticking out of the main covering and crafted with its own small roof, it provides additional space and allows for natural light and ventilation.

Ornate Doors and Windows – Tall and thin, multi-paned windows come with decorative shutters. Right above would be arches with accenting keystones. Copper-topped bay windows, window lintels, and rounded openings are also definers. The quintessential French front door is enough to add a unique flair to your home and successfully blend indoor and outdoor living.

Entryway – Porte-cocheres were popular during the Renaissance whereby coaches or carriages are driven in. Front courtyard entry garages, porticos, and patios are usually incorporated in French Country house plans. Some homes feature decorative half-timbering on round tower entryways as with the Tudor style.

French home styles may be one or two storeys high and symmetrically shaped or not. Chimneys are large and sloped at the base. Medieval English design elements may also be in place, such as turrets and quoins. You can add a guest cottage, garage, pool resembling a pond, and a keeping/hearth room at the first level. Most homes are built with wrought-iron balconies at the second floor.

French architecture is evidently rich and big in features. Indeed, it’ll be grandest and most impressive on large properties, but does not necessarily require an enormous plot of land. Be it all-out luxury or cozy small, all you need is a custom home builder that will build you a home that fits your budget and exceeds your standards- and that’s Larry Stewart.

French Style Home Design Variations

France was a kingdom of many provinces for hundreds of years, which resulted in many interesting architectural styles under its umbrella. French-inspired homes present a wide range of sizes and styles, from modest Farmhouses to country Cottage designs to estate-like chateaux and magnificent villas.

Country French-style houses are inspired by rustic manors located in the rural country side. The style brilliantly combines rustic and refined, never forgetting the past while not giving up city sophistication either. Dovecote towers, old French balusters, and zinc oeil-de-boeuf dormers are characteristic of this village home.

Chateauesque is exactly as it sounds like- a picturesque mansion with massive towers that elicits a castle-like effect. Ostentatious stone-covered turrets, intricately detailed iron balconies, and tall brick chimneys complete the French home style’s look.

The French Normandy style is set apart from other designs by an entrance denoted by a round stone tower topped by a cone-shaped roof. As its name implies, the style was derived from Normandy and the Loire Valley of France by which homes showcase half timbering or decorative strips of wood set in masonry.

French Provincial houses are inspired by individual regions that were generally self-contained. A similar approach extends to their architecture that has adapted a simple, square, and symmetrical form. Provincial styles are stately and formal, modeled after French country manors. The homes have notably unusual second-story window designs, often arched on top, breaks through the cornice and rises above the eaves.

When home inspirations are sourced from a broad range of French influences, the French Eclectic home style is produced, which became popular among early 20th century upscale American neighborhoods.

Color Schemes of French Style Houses

French country homes are laden in a nature-inspired palette with predominantly neutral colors. Exteriors may be coated light to provide a clean backdrop for French-blue shutters. French style shades can very well suit your preferences, whether honey-drenched walls matched with moss-colored shutters, earth tones with mustard yellow and warm red accents, muted terra-cotta or burnt peach, and other relaxing hues. Interior walls are usually painted in light and soft shades like antique white, gray, beige, pale yellow or blue.

The classical, handsome look of French style houses make for an outstanding choice for those who seek the serenity of French village life or sheer elegance of the royals. Some of us aren’t sure of what we want until we finally find it. Larry Stewart can help you realize and manifest the perfect translation of your dreams! Your French-inspired home can be custom built to create one authentic beauty. We’ll have it modified to your handpicked site, lifestyle and preferences. Let us build you a home that speaks fluent French, wraps you in timeless luxury, and radiates uniqueness that’s solely your own.