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How To Build A Custom Home

Buying a house is a major milestone in life, but building a home to your specifications? It’s going the extra mile towards an unequivocal experience and forever living your dream! Create a future dwelling founded on wise decisions and unique ideas by discovering how to build a custom home today.

Home Building Basics – A Better Understanding

Custom-home building is a fruitful process in itself. Investing time to learn about the steps involved can help you get the ball rolling smoothly and keep it that way through to the end. A custom home, being unlike any other, entails understanding the differences of each all-important aspect:

Tract Homes VS Custom Homes

In your search for builder options, you’d want to veer away from tract builders. Many potential buyers tend to grab the cheaper opportunities offered by these volume builders. Unknown to them is that fixed price contracts often mean substandard quality in home building skills and construction materials. A tract or production home is called as such, with floor plans built again and again with minor tweaks done per client. It would be the exact opposite of the custom home you want! If you want the perfect house with the right look, setting, layout, design, and ambiance, then partner with custom home builders.

Choosing The Right Custom Home Builder

Custom homes are built from the ground up. Your time and money are down the line, and your patience will most likely be put to the test! Your chosen builder can make the distinction between a fun project filled with inspiration and creativity, or a trial and error process that comes with a whole lot of unnecessary headaches. Pick the custom home builder whom you’re comfortable to work with right from the start. Think long-term and check references. A reputable builder’s expertise and experience combined will get every detail done right in the most efficient way. You end up with exactly what you need and want, even beyond what you imagined!

Factors Affecting Custom Home Price Quotes

A house is generally priced according to its living area’s cost per square foot. There are a myriad of thngs that affect a certain quote, like the exclusion of porches and garages. A buyer who wants a 5-car garage will receive a different home price from a buyer who wants a porch and 3-car garage within the same living area. These parts require a foundation to be built upon, framing and lighting among many other components. Other factors which affect under roof footage include the amount of outdoor living areas, exterior amenities, the addition of a pool and incorporating smart home technology.

Selecting The Right Lot

Knowing how to select the right lot is crucial in custom home building. Your dream home will only become a reality if it’s stood on the perfect lot! Of course, the decision will be primarily based on your personal preferences. The ideal lot is best filtered in terms of size, width, orientation, valuation, whether it’s a corner lot and which neighborhood it belongs.

Building Your Custom Home – How It Works

We now gain a better understanding of the building process. Finding a builder prior to entering the design phase of building your custom home is recommended. Architects aren’t builders and often construction budgeting isn’t their expertise. Also consider the fact that the professionals are paid per square foot under roof. Do the math. The larger your house, the larger your bill gets!

The building process can be put to a halt in cases when a client realizes how much costs will skyrocket. It would mean double the effort if you have to re-think everything. It can also mean compromising on style and letting go of other home functions. If you’ve got the right home builder by your side, you save time by having a well-crafted plan on how to build a custom home. A good custom home builder can set proper construction expenses and give you the most out of your money, not hinder you with budget limitations. Larry Stewart offers every valued client design solutions that maintain your home’s integrity and functionality.

Construction costs estimates arrive in two types:

Cost plus contract- The preferred contract when a good relationship is formed between builder and buyer, where the only cost is actual labor and material. The construction contact and group of architects manage to devise a plan while goals remain aligned with the buyer’s satisfaction. Just as how the custom home building process should go, you are empowered over decision making every step of the way.

Fixed Price contract- The builder constructs the home in accordance to architect plans and the set allowance for materials. This type of construction contract is usually taken advantage by some contractors by cutting corners or using cheaper, lower quality materials which would sensibly give them more profit. Any change along the way would only increase costs further rather than stay at a fixed amount.

Builder’s Warranty

Understanding builder – sub-contractor relationships is essential when assessing this aspect of how to build a custom home. Trusted custom home builders provide services backed up by warranty. Those who have long-established relationships with sub contractors may leverage in addressing instances when items are no longer covered. Warranty is a broad aspect that covers general workmanship for 1 year, MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) for 2 years, and structural warranty for 10 years. Building materials like roof shingles and appliances would likewise be supported by the manufacturer’s warranty. Discussing warranty coverages with your builder beforehand works to your own protection and benefit.

Ready To Embark On Your Journey?

Get one step closer to your dreams by downloading our comprehensive e-book. Unlock everything you need to know on how to build a custom home to produce the best outcome. Your own space and your own style, built on time and on budget. It all starts with your own lot to build. Larry Stewart’s handpicked land and lots offer the perfect dream home locations on earth. We’d be honored to be part of what could be the most exciting and rewarding of your life’s endeavors!

5 Great Neighborhoods In Westlake To Build Your Custom Home

The city of Westlake, recognized as the dwelling where the prairie met the cross timbers, holds stories of immigrants from Peters Camp, Indian agreements contracted by Sam Houston, great archaeological riches, and several of the first North Texas settlements. The area has at all times been recognized for its natural abundance, its trade importance, and its delightful people. The city of Westlake has upheld these merits over the years, turning out to be one of the most desired and preferred dwellings to reside in America. Termed the wealthiest community in the state by Forbes publication in 2011, Westlake goes on to progress in the vision motivated by its founders. As a leading, information-based municipal, Westlake is amongst the most coveted communities for business, residents, and visitors the same.

Westlake, which up until some years back was generally ranch land, is currently being urbanized in a distinctly upscale manner. Just luxury homes at present are being constructed in Westlake. These high-end Westlake custom homes are displayed for sale at costs that vary from around $1.5 million to above $5 million. Children residing in Westlake are qualified to go to Keller Independent School or Carroll Independent School, or Westlake Academy, a school that makes available training for grades K-12. Public colleges joined by Westlake scholars are amongst the top in the DFW metropolitan area.

If you’re in search of the deluxe places to reside in Westlake. One of the primary reasons Westlake housing is so desired is its incredible environs, which share an obligation to distinction but have unique appeal and charm:

Glenwyck Farms

Glenwyck Farms is an ideal private community, just some minutes away from the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex. The town is located on more than 100 wooded acreages in a silent rural background, however, is just 15 minutes from DFW Airfield. Glenwyck boasts one acre home locations in a park-like scenery with matured trees, a running track, and a number of natural pools.


If you have resided in North Texas in current years, in that case, you have perhaps overheard the Vaquero Club. The Club provides space, golf club indulgence, and stylish Westlake custom homes. If you are on the hunt for homes in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) beyond the $1,000,000 price range, Vaquero offers a great place, brilliant schools, privacy, and facilities accessible few other places.When it comes to Vaquero homes purchasers can pick from three choices while purchasing Vaquero custom homes. The first is known as Homesites, which is meant for customers in search of land to construct a custom house. Therere 258 lots to pick from, going from 1/2 to in excess of 3 acres in dimensions. Land in Vaquero begins from about $180,000, and can go into the millions.

Then there are Westlake Custom Homes that are completed, custom-made homes that have been constructed upon Vaquero Homesites. Village houses are located on 1/3-acre lots, snuggled beside the fairways. The golf course houses provide unique sights and flawless design. Homes are between 3,000sq feet and 5,000sq feet and are accessible in seven plans. Over and above golf course views, these Vaquero houses feature slate roofs, copper accents, and non-compulsory infinity swimming pools. Vaquero custom homes begin from $1.5 million.


Entrada is a 79-acre assorted-use European-elegance town on the southeast junction of Davis Boulevard and SH 114 in Westlake. Entrada blends opulent Texas-Spanish Mission structural design with a municipal plan to form a European village kind setting. The red tile rooftops are arranged to let you swiftly recognize you aren’t in a cookie reaper reworked project. You and your household will particularly value the assorted-use method that makes all your much-loved spots suitable and stress-free to access.

Cautiously planned to offer residents a desirable way of life, the $500 million development makes use of the most recent trends in daily life planning to provide a mixture of hospitality, office, entertainment, and single-family accommodation, counting an assortment of detached houses, townhomes, villas, and condominiums.


The Granada unit is one of the most recent additions to this coveted living space, with ideas for stunning luxury Westlake custom homes set upon 84 acres. The typical price for these houses is directed at $1 million and above, and you will discover that purchase is a spectacular house with all the right details and touches. With typical lot dimensions of 30,000 sq. feet, people will have adequate space to delight in the Texas scenery.

Renowned for its prudently planned growth and development, a lot of homeowners pick this region for the extensive range of prospects and the strong intimate alignment of its inhabitants. The holidays offer several undertakings from leisure for the kids to community occasions of all kinds. Similarly, the exceptional roads and superhighways offer easy entry to the numerous cultural occasions and amenities in both Fort Worth and Dallas, counting first-class museums, theaters, and symphony halls.

Golfers will particularly love the competitive courses in the region, complemented by many places with swimming and other everyday undertakings. If your top priorities comprise luxury living, admission to business, weekend undertakings, a family-centered setting, and the finest in cultural occasions, you can achieve them all and will not need to compromise once you decide on the Granada luxury Westlake custom homes.

Terra Bella

Terra Bella is a high-class, Westlake gated community. With two gated entries off Dove Road, the highways smoothly curve with matured trees and greenbelt being the background of numerous lots. There are 28 stunning, one-acre plots in Terra Bella flawlessly sized to house the luxury, custom plantation of your dreams. Inhabitants of Terra Bella who delight in an active, open-air lifestyle will love the tracks that run through the sector and alongside the greenbelt. Relating to schools, Terra Bella is exceptional in that relatives can pick between Westlakes Westlake Academy or Southlakes Carroll Independent School. Whereas residents delight in the quiet, tranquil scenery that is Terra Bella, they are a small 10-minute walk to Southlake Town Square and not more than 20 minutes to DFW.

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