Mediterranean-modern style homes, commonly referred to as Neo-Mediterranean style houses represent a shift towards simplicity in the house designing while still maintaining the lavish and classy look of the predecessors. These modern styles homes originated from Spanish and Italian influences. These houses have a close resemblance to a ranch house with some of its features borrowed from the traditional Mediterranean styles.
Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes are generally designed for individuals living in the subtropics to keep life not only cool but also casual. These houses are very popular in several states including Texas, Florida, Arizona, and California not mentioning the desert Southwest among other Sunbelt states where they have proved appealing to a number of homeowners.
Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes usually come in a wide variety of styles. These include Moroccan, Tuscan, Southwestern, Italian villa and Spanish.

Key Elements of Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes

Mediterranean modern style homes design provides a sort of resort style living. This is as a result of its modern features including the open floor pans, large glass expanses which are mostly oriented towards the outdoor living area among other features.
Also these houses have special grand estate designs featuring soaring ceilings, balconies in the interior, casitas, special to use rooms among others. Therefore, if you are on the search for coastal or palm beach lifestyle, then the Mediterranean modern style homes are the best for you.
The key elements that make Mediterranean- Modern Style Homes stand out as unique from other styles can be broken down as follows:


The color choice for Mediterranean modern style Homes are nowadays uniform, with much emphasis on the bright colors. Hence whiter and sleeker hoses giving that elegant tropical look.


Mediterranean modern style homes have embraced a wide usage of tiles in their make. In this case, hand-painted elegant tiles are used as a form of decoration. This therefore implies minimum usage of the mosaic tiles in the interior parts of the house including the kitchen floors, mirror frames, table top and stair case.


The textures for Mediterranean-Modern Homes are generally warm and cozy, providing that coastal atmosphere. The warm colors (including peach, salmon or yellow) as well as the materials portray some comfort and warmth as you relax in the sun busking or swimming in the pool with the colorful tiles.
Also, water is important in the design of these homes and its feel is usually captured in courtyard fountains in Europe and ceramic wall fountain in North America


The materials (in terms of furniture) and accessories possessed by these homes make them stand out while at the same out reflecting the casual lifestyle of the homeowners. These include the wrought iron, terracotta tiles, stucco walls, glass expanses in the balcony, wooden beams for the ceiling and the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.
Also, ornamental iron work is incorporated as a form of decoration to the Mediterranean-modern style homes. This includes the wrought irons that are finely crafted and used to decorate the gates, windows, doors, lanterns and stair rails.

Features of Mediterranean –modern style homes

These homes are characterized by both interior and exterior design features.

Interior design features

  1. A partitioned interior with bedrooms, a living room and bonus rooms, well ventilated to allow for good air circulation
    Wicker furniture and a huge fireplace with modernized armchairs in the living room
  2. A cozy rustic interior. The houses’ interiors are made with a terracotta tiled floor which not only enhance the beauty of the house but also serve to keep it cool.
  3. These houses also have modernized spacious kitchens equipped with modern stainless steel appliances.
  4. The ceiling beams are wooden, adding a warm and rustic appeal to the interior. In addition, this wooden beam is also fitted on the mantel of the fireplace, enhancing its beauty further.
  5. Spiral and elegant staircases connecting the rooms upstairs with those on the ground floor. These staircases have their rises made with Catalina style tiles finished with matte and glossy finishes hence a superb depth to their pattern.

Exterior design features

  1. A natural exterior made of stone, adding more comfort to the home. In addition, this feature greatly contributes to keeping the home cool during the hot weather.
  2. Roofs clad with red clay tiles and sloping over the walls, providing shade to anyone outside while at the same time keeping the interior cool.
  3. The doors are made with an elegant combination of both wood and and iron bringing out much beauty.
  4. Large and modern windows and doors fitted in all rooms to provide fresh air into the house.
  5. The exterior also comprises of a tiled courtyard furnished with a set of elegant furniture under the roof shade, making this indeed an attractive and tempting place to spend maximum time.
  6. Stucco some instances, the walls are painted with warm toned layers. In addition, stucco, besides being on the exterior walls are also found in the kitchen hoods and fireplaces in these modern Mediterranean style homes.
  7. The entry to these Mediterranean modern style homes comprise of the terracotta tiles, further enhancing their magnificence.

What differentiates Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes from others?

In the modern Mediterranean homes, the decorative elements incorporating art and craft such as the hand printed tiles and wooden carvings have been made in a more rationalized manner. This therefore gives Mediterranean-Modern Style homes a more modern look compared to the traditional plans, making these homes stand out as the best compared to other homes.
In addition to this, resort style kind of living is also provided for by these homes with open floor pans and large expanses of glass, suitable for outdoor living.

Several luxurious houses that have featured Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes include:

  1. Valencia 1180
  2. Doni Flanigan Mediterranean Interior
  3. Mediterranean Dream
  4. Palmieri Residence
  5. Racca Mediterranean Residence, Austin

In conclusion therefore, it is evident that Mediterranean-Modern Style Homes are not only a unique housing style but also outstanding in features. They are also luxurious at the same time, providing you with all the comfort you need for your vacations, spending time with friends and loved ones.

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